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Or, in other words, no pictures today.

Knitting Get-Together

Despite the rain the and chilly dampness, Marilyn, Kathy and Carol S. and I got together for a little yack-fest in Lambertville/New Hope yesterday. Marilyn’s beau, John was there, and Thaddeus joined us for lunch.

Kathy was wearing another one of her great multi-color sweaters that she made out of scrap needlepoint floss. A nice simple design, with both texture and lots of color. Looked great. Marilyn had her Lavold sweater in a great tweedy green yarn, and we got a chance to help her decide on the color sequences of her next multi-color sweater. Carol S. was working on nondescript ribbing (she hasn’t learned how to show off yet).

It was my first time meeting Carol S., and it was like she’s been part of the group from the beginning. She also helped to make up for Lisa’s last minute work-related absence. Carol added the sharp-tongued humor that Lisa is known for.

All-in-all, it was just what the doctor ordered. I’m hopeful that Marilyn will post a picture or two of the get-together. I left my camera in the car, and I wasn’t about to traipse out into the rain to get it.

Baby Blanket

I showed the group the most recent baby blanket, and all agreed it is much nicer in person than on the blog. Marilyn even back-pedaled, saying she thought the blanket was nice all along. She just didn’t think I’d enjoy making it…yeah, right.

It was nice getting the feedback of these folks with what I consider to be good taste. Now I feel confident giving the blanket as a gift to my sister-in-law and brother.

I figure I also have enough of the GGH Merino Soft left in a few colors, that I can make another pair of the leggings too.

Next Project

I started swatching the new Fair Isle design to make sure I liked the pattern design in the actual knitted fabric.

I’ve almost completed a 64 stitch repeat of both the wavy/circle pattern and the “frog”/cross” pattern. It looks a lot different than I expected, but I’m liking it nonetheless. I’ll have a picture of the completed swatch tomorrow, and then I’ll need to start selecting the colors I will use.

Other Next Project

I also brought with me the yarn that started out as the double-ruffle scarf.

I frogged the scarf, and decided to make a pair of socks from the yarn (as it was originally intended). This yarn was a little too thin for the scarf, and the color patterning didn’t really lend itself that well to crochet. I think it will make much nicer socks.

Readers’ Comments/Questions

Sharon asks how I will keep the bugs out of my new yarn storage area.

We don’t really have a problem with bugs in my area. Just the closed closet door will do a lot to keep out any possible wool predators.

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