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If I had to decide between outlawing marijuana or sugar as an addictive substance, based on my own experience, it would clearly be sugar.

Weight Gain

I’m 6 foot tall, and now weigh approximately 187 pounds.

Ideally, I like how I look when I weigh between 170 and 175 (depending on how toned I am).

Not only am I feeling a tad bloated at the moment, but I can’t seem to stop myself from stuffing my fat face. Especially with high-fat, sweet things. And I haven’t been exercising at all in the last few weeks.

I tell you all now, as part of a blog pledge, that I will be down below 180 within the next four weeks.

Speaking of Sweets

That being said, I have to tell you about my VERY favorite chocolatier on the planet.

Joseph Schmidt has some of the most amazing truffles, packaged in some of the most beautiful boxes, that I’ve ever had. I ordered a box of their mini truffles for my mom for Mother’s Day. I’ve ordered quite a bit from them because they always make such nice gifts.


As addicted as I am to knitting, I would drop all yarn in a second if that meant I could eat fat-filled, sweets (like Krispy Kremes) and not get fat. However, I will definitely settle for the Dancing Feet sock yarn as an immediate substitute for the moment.

Dancing Feet Socks 05-06-04

I’m working myself up the ankle, and hope to finish the second sock this weekend.

Next Project

I also heard from Thaddeus that my order of Jamieson Spindrift came in the mail earlier this week from Yarns International.

I can’t wait to swatch up the pattern design in the colors I actually plan on using for this new Fair Isle vest.

Readers’ Comments/Questions

Just one overall comment.

I have continued to get some great advice and leads on checking out spinning wheels. I feel well prepared to start my investigation into this new craft in short order.

Thank you all.

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