Honda 1

Big Purchase

I can definitely understand how shopping could be addictive. Purchasing a big-price item always brings along a certain thrill.

Car Shopping

Yes, the big purchase was a car.

My 1997 Oldsmobile Bravada was having some functional difficulties, and when I took it in for a diagnosis, I was told it would be over $700 to fix.

I told them never mind, and went to a friend of Thaddeus’ who sells Hondas on Saturday and left the lot with this.

Honda 2

I know it’s not flashy and exciting, but neither am I. It’s a good, solid, dependable, utilitarian car, which is exactly what I was looking for.

It’s the Honda Accord, in silver with black leather interior. It’s the 6 cylinder model, and the only option I didn’t get is the $2,000 GPS system.

I have to say, I really love the car. It’s fun to drive, it’s one of the highest rated cars as far as dependability, and it uses a LOT less gas than the SUV. On my weekly trips to Albany, that makes a big difference.

Fashion of The Christ Knitting

I was very excited yesterday evening, as I raced along on the body of F’oTC. I had completed 4 rounds before I realized I had forgotten to change the dark color after the first row.

So, instead of getting 5 or 6 more rounds done, and showing you a decent progress picture, I ripped out 3 rounds (actually, I “tink”-ed the mistaken rows – knit backward, or unknit for the non-KnitListers).

I figured I could just put up the picture from yesterday, because that’s exactly where I am again.

Readers’ Comments/Questions

Aubergine asks if I’m using the jumper-weight, Spindrift yarn for this sweater.

Yes, it’s the same yarn he’s using for Sandness. With 330 stitches in a round, it takes me about 10 minutes per round. I do two-handed, stranded knitting, which speeds up the process for me quite a bit.

I also weave in all my ends, and never have floats that are longer than four stitches long.

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