“Kiss-My-Ass” Attitude

If you’re one of the folks who reads my blog, but doesn’t like the fact that I can be elitist, a snob, or that I sometimes swear, you may want to once and for all to exclude me from your reading.

I’m Tired

When I’ve got more on my plate than I care to deal with, I go into self-protection mode, and that means I have little or no patience for some of the bullshit. That’s when I take on a “kiss-my-ass” attitude, where I don’t care if someone doesn’t like what I write.

And if they don’t like the content (or lack thereof), they can kiss my ass.

I just wanted to give fair warning to those folks who are on the fence about whether they find my blog offensive or not, that it may get worse.

The Idiot in the White House

Now the freakin’ baptists are telling their membership to take their kids out of public schools!

Even they don’t like the pathetically underfunded rules of “No Child Left Behind”.

The “education president”…yeah right. More like the “in need of education president”.

Fashion of The Christ Knitting

I’ve done about 20 inches in total on this design. I need to do about 2 or 3 more inches before I start shaping the neck.

The hardest part about the armhole and neck shaping, is that it’s difficult to determine where the pattern starts each row. While there are a lot fewer stitches to knit, trying to figure out what stitches need to be knit can be very challenging.

I’ll update the blog with a picture tomorrow.

Charity Knitting

I mentioned that I picked up some Araucania when I was at Simply Knit last week.

I picked up eight colors, but I’m going to wait until a ninth color comes in before I start asking for folks to do some charity knitting strips.

The yarn has been ordered, but I’m not sure how quickly the orders get filled.

As always, I’ll keep you updated.

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