To clarify my kiss-my-ass attitude post, I don’t mean I plan to write blog entries for the sole purpose of being offensive. But I also won’t not write something in my blog because some might find it offensive.

Lisa Contest

That being said, I concede that Lisa wins the offensive contest with her child molestation joke. I actually started to reply, but realized it wasn’t my intention to purposefully offend, and my response clearly would have had that effect.

I’ll have to come up with some appropriate prize for her winning this contest. With my newfound interest in spinning, perhaps I could gift her with my own bulky weight pubic hair yarn.

Other suggestions are welcome.

Fashion of the Christ Knitting

Thanks to everyone for the most recent spate of compliments on this design. You have fabulous taste.

I had finished about an hour of knittng last night, when I realized my most recent 10 rows had the main pattern misplaced on the back of the sweater.

I considered saying ‘who cares’ and continuing on. But then I realized it wasn’t that much work to rip it out and do it correctly. The rest of my knitting time last night and this morning including getting back to before the mistake.

Second of all, I’m realizing that I will probably be able to finish FotC this weekend. With that realization, I’ve decided that I will miss working on it after I’m done.

Watching this design go from concept to completion has been extremely satisfying to my creative side.

Readers’ Comments/Questions

Thanks for all the wonderfully, supportive comments. Workload continues to be ridiculous, although stress level is getting significantly better.

Sara asks what bind off I use for toe-up socks. She normally does a Kitchener bind off, but only with K1,P1 ribbing.

I told her I use the Kitchener bind off for all kinds of ribbing and non-ribbing. I’ve been told that the Kitchener bind off replicates the stretchiness of a long-tail cast on, so I figured it would work for all types of knitted fabrics. I also use it for necks and sleeve cuff bind offs.

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