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Big Blog Day

To try and make up for all my inattentiveness to the blog, I’ve crammed a shitload of stuff into today’s entry. Enjoy (or not).


I think it originally started out as a birthday gift from James, but the mail from New Zealand is painfully slow.

Knowing how much emphasis I place on how a gift is wrapped, James actually KNIT the gift wrap and ribbon for this gift. Here’s a picture of the “wrapping and ribbon” after opening.

Wrapping Paper

I quote his gift card to me, because he describes it better than I ever could (James writes extremely well):

The background is black moss stitch. Black because you see the world in black & white terms (not a bad thing!!!) and the texture shows the ups & downs of life. The cables are representative of community, both the gay community & the knitting community. The freedom colours show unity & acceptance. They were knit in a four stitch honeycomb to show strength as well as flexibility.

He goes on to describe the pink ribbon as me, but I’ll keep that as a private treasure.

And here’s what was inside.

New Book

“It’s My Party and I’ll Knit if I Want To” is a clever little book by an Australian author, Sharon Aris. Fun, easy reading with nice illustrations. James is now my favorite New Zealander by far.

Even Gage was impressed with James’ wrapping creativity and talent.

Gift Gage

New Hobby

New Fiber

Did I grow cauliflower in my garden?…uh, no.

Well, I can blame Carol S. for enabling my new obsession. She sent me an e-mail detailing about seven different on-line sources she’s used to order prepared fiber for spinning.

I just got these two little bundles of joy in the mail today. While to the camera, they both look pretty similar, the one on the left is a pound of Corriedale Cross and the one on the right is a pound of Blue-Faced Leicester. The Corriedale is lustrous and soft, but the Blue-Face Leicester is downright silky.

Both are from Paradise Fibers in Colfax, Washington and the wool is beautifully prepared with not a hint of barnyard debris.

Now, as soon as my neighbor brings by her spinning wheel, I can get started.

Fashion of the Christ

I’ve recouped all that I had to rip out, and added a row or two.

FOC 06-04-04

I know I sound like a broken record (if you young’uns know what a record is), but only a few more rows, and I start the neck shaping. Yipee!!

I’ve written up the pattern up to, and including the neck shaping. Since I don’t know what pattern stitch I’ll use for the arm hole and neck edgings, I’m going to wait to publish the pattern until I’ve finished.

If anyone would be interested in starting, just send me an e-mail and I’d be glad to send you the MS Word document with the pattern as it is today.

Readers’ Comments/Questions

I found myself giggling a few times over the last couple of days on the topic of spinning pubic hair. But funniest of all was Kim’s discussion of the fiber collection process. I think if we were to get serious about this idea, we’d have to harvest from a different breed than Irish Milktoast. We’d have to go with a bear breed, like Matt.

Would it be considered offensive to say that all I have to do is collect fiber would be to scoop it daily from my shower drain? I hope so.

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