Ronald-Reagen-AIDS Deaths

Reagan, Christ and Art Auction, oh my!

Lots of stuff to discuss in today’s entry…let’s get right to it.

Reagan’s Dead

Thaddeus actually danced in the street.

My thought was, “Where is Fred Phelps when you need to someone to picket a funeral of someone who is REALLY hell-bound?”

I know it’s not proper to speak/write ill of the dead. But this man sat idly by in the White House, ignoring a nationwide plague that was killing thousands of people…many that I knew personally, and wouldn’t even utter the word AIDS or gay, never mind call for something to be done about it.

I will spare you any additional nasty words…but I, for one, am glad to see this man leave the planet.

Fashion of the Christ

Just like Ronald Reagan, it’s done, done, done.

FOC 06-06-04

I’ll write more about it later this week, include more pictures and tell you all about how I finished the arm holes and neck edging. I’ll also have a first draft pattern to put up on the web this week as well.

Suffice it to say, I’m very happy with how it turned out.

Local Art Auction

Where should I start?….Well, first of all, Thaddeus and I decided a long time ago to start collecting artwork from local artists. Bucks County/Lambertville area draws artists to this lovely river community, and has for years.

One of the people responsible for promoting newly emerging artists, was Peggy Lewis. Since the 1950’s, she acquired a significant collection of artists. Some of them went on to become well known, others faded into obscurity.

With Peggy’s death this past year, her family is putting about 100 pieces of her art up for auction at the Rago auction house in Lambertville, NJ (if you’ve seen Antiques Roadshow, you probably know David Rago from there…he appraises a lot of the ceramics).

I’m hoping to pick up a couple of the pieces, since the art she collected is one of the few areas of art I have any knowledge of at all, and there aren’t a lot of other folks who do. Here are two of the pieces I like a lot.

The auction is scheduled for this Friday, and I anticipate bidding on quite a few pieces, hoping to bring home at least two or three.

This is one of those opportunities that rarely presents itself, and when it does, I’m glad to be in a position financially to be able to take advantage of it.

If I had a lot of local-area folks that read my blog, I’d probably not have even posted about this auction. I figured you may want to see some of the hundreds of items on auction at Rago’s on-line catalog (Peggy Lewis’ items are lots #110 – 209).

Readers’ Comments/Question

Terra, a new knitter, says that when she knits, the fabric is as stiff as aboard.

Terra, your knitting is probably too tight, which happens a lot to new knitters. You will need to either loosen up when you knit, or increase your needle size significantly to get a drapey fabric like the one you’re trying for.

Kristi asks which fiber sources did Carol S. send to me? I give you the exact listings with Carol’s comments along with them. (very friendly; if you email her & tell her you are a beginning spinner, she will give you specific suggestions for good stuff to spin. I was very pleased with the stuff I got from her & had no trouble spinning it.) (she was slo-o-w to mail my stuff, but helpful) (she sells on ebay, too) (pricey but gorgeous. she sells on ebay) (get on the list for Spinology, their spinning catalog) (never bought there but gets raves from others)

Sharon asks what I’ll do with James’ knitted gift wrap.

I tried using it as a rainbow hat, and if I had dreadlocks, it would have been perfect. Alas, it looks as though I’ll be re-gifting his gift wrap to another gay friend.

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