Barf Team America


For the history revisionists out there that would prefer to have Reagan be a hero instead of the lousy president he was, you make me wanna barf.

Censorship Is A Fitting Tradition

I was listening to author Greg Palast on the radio last night, and he had an on-line article titled “Killer, Coward, Conman – Good Riddance, Ronnie Reagan; More Proof Only The Good Die Young”

He mentioned as part of the interview that Google (the proud owners of Blogger, who host my blog), supposedly removed the guy’s article from their search results!!!

A Google search of the title, seems to bring up multiple results, so I’m not sure what he was talking about, but the concept of Google censoring results is frightening.

Fashion of the Christ

Thank you all for the compliments on both the sweater and the model.

The pictures aren’t that great, but here are closeups of both the armhole edging and the neck edging as promised the other day.

As for the shoulders, I actually did shaping on them (I didn’t feel like including the instructions in the pattern), and I reduced stitches from similar garments I have made, and still get the wings. I’m thinking I might do some additional shaping by doing a little sewing at the top of the shoulder edging.

I also forgot to mention, that if anyone is looking to collect the colors of FotC, and is having trouble finding any of the colors, I have quite a bit of the leftovers I’d be glad to send.

All that is required in exchange is pictures of the sweater either in progress, and/or after completion.

Current Project

I got home last night to start the new baby blanket in deep red, and realized I didn’t have a copy of the pattern, nor did I have internet access to be able to pull one off the net.

I worked on the Dancing Feet sock instead, and got an inch or two done. Ribbing takes so much longer than stockinette when I’m doing a sock.

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