Charles Spinning

A Man Obsessed

How come no one ever told me spinning is like heroin?

First Things First

Another generous reader has sent me a gift!!!

Joanne sent me this cool new toy.

Kaleidoscope Tool

Is it a sex toy? No.

It’s actually a Magic Marble kaleidoscope. She wrote in a nice note with the gift that it can be used to see how different color yarn mix together.

What a great idea. Thanks Joanne.

I just wish I could show you a picture of what it looks like looking through this new color tool…hey!…wait a minute…I CAN!!!

Kaleidoscope View

I will definitely be using this tool to plan my next Isager-inspired cardigan.


My neighbor loaned me her Ashford wheel on Sunday night last week, and I immediately had to try spinning some of the new wool I bought.

Ashford Spinning Wheel

My initial attempts were frustrating (those spools on the front are my neighbor’s spinning), but I’m glad I tried it.

All week, I dreamed about spinning and tried out new techniques in my mind for hours and hours.

That daydreaming paid off. Here’s what I’ve done so far.

I’m going to try and finish spinning two spools worth of wool, and then ply them together. I may even try dyeing the resulting hank of yarn.

Spin Off Magazine

With my new hobby in full bloom, I found this at my local supermarket.

The magazine is interesting in a kind of folksy way. I’ve never read an issue before, but it’s interesting for what it is.

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