Blog Contest Chuckles

My e-mail box continues to get filled with humorous entries to the blog contest.

Blog Contest

So far, I’ve gotten over thirty entries to the blog contest, and I can honestly say, it’s going to be very difficult choosing a winner.

You folks are very funny.

Just remember, you can enter as many captions as you want, and this Friday is the last day to enter.

Keep ’em coming.

Current Knitting

The baby blanket grows at about the typical pace of my work-week project.

I’ve gotten over halfway through the third block. It’s pretty mindless, so I’m able to get a lot done as I watch the new episodes each week of Six Feet Under.

I’ll update with a picture next time

New Design Idea

I’ve been realizing that I needed something a bit more challenging on my knitting docket, so I’ve decided to design a new men’s sweater.

Believe it or not, I got the pattern stitch idea from the Marriott hotel shower curtain.

I’m not sure if it will work yet, so I’m going to swatch up a version of it in my favorite color of Jamieson Spindrift, and see if it looks okay.

If you never hear about this again, you’ll know it was a complete failure.

Yarn Store Closing

I spoke with Carol yesterday, and she confirmed that most of Saturday was a mob scene. What amazed her most, is that it still looks like the yarn shelves are full.

Sounds like a 30% discount starting this weekend should help put a dent in it. I’m gonna try and get there on Saturday sometime.

Readers’ Comments/Questions

A few folks have written to ask if Simply Knit is looking to sell the business, or just close.

I think they’d be open to selling, but a buyer would have to move quickly if they wanted to take advantage of purchasing the business.

Sandy supplemented my list of local yarn stores with six additional stores.

Sandy is by far, the most experienced yarn shopper I’ve ever met. She knows more about yarns and prices than most yarn store owners…thanks Sandy.

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