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Have you checked out my list of works-in-progress? Have you checked out the new blog by James (Fibre Alive)?

New Blog

James is the great guy from New Zealand that sent me the Aussie knitting book wrapped in knitted gift wrap.

His knitting is excellent, and I like the types of projects he takes on (such as his current bed blanket. Plus he’s cute, and he does the same kind of work that I do.

Current Project

I’ve also updated my current projects list, and put up the first picture of the new design.

Marriott Mildew Pullover 07-11-04

It really shows very little of the sweater, but as it progresses, I’ll try to get a good shot of the very subtle pattern stitch.

New Magazine

If a magazine has one pattern that I will make, I consider it worth the purchase price. Then new FCEK just squeaks by, because it has a crochet hat that I like, and will use my homespun ramie to make.

FCEK 07-11-04

The rest of the magazine is downright shit.

I usually go through and point out articles and designs, and then critique them. It’s not worth it this time.

If you like ponchos, buy this issue. If you like quick-knit projects that make the models look like they’re wearing toilet paper cozies…this issue is for you. If you like excessive use of Mo’fur yarns, this issue will get you moist.

Readers’ Comments/Questions

RJ asks about my experience with Blue Heron yarns.

I’ve never used them, nor do I own any (that I’m aware of). My only experience with rayon was awful. I bought a couple of huge hanks of rayon, and they were slippery and tangled irreparably (strange combination, huh?). Sorry I couldn’t be of more help.

Mary begs me not to ban her for not following the Newcomer Rules.

I’m not sure what she did, but I’ve never banned anyone from my site, even the feisty little gal who said my head was so far up Marilyn’s ass that I couldn’t see.

John asks if I have any leftover Dancing Feet yarn after finishing the socks, and what size needles I used.

I had quite a bit of yarn left over. About a half a sock worth. I used US2 bamboo doublepoints, and 68 stitches around the foot and leg. The fabric came out light and drapey.

And as for spinning ramie, I think it was simply my lack of spinning talents (and NOTHING to do with Antonio’s hair-care regime). I only know one way to spin, and it worked with wool, but not very well with ramie (despite the amazing results).

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