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Expressing Myself

This blog is primarily a place for me to express myself, document my knitting and let folks know about happenings in the fiber arena.  It also sometimes serves as entertainment to the readers.


This weekend has been a good respite from work and I’m feeling some relief, although Monday will have me going right back into the center of the storm.

But for now, I’m relaxed and serene.

Thank you all for your words of support (and more).


I’m really starting to love this James guy from New Zealand.

Despite the fact that it was HIS birthday this past week (he’s 34…hard to believe), I was the one who got a gift in the mail from him.

James Chocolate

What a guy.  He sent me handmade chocolate with lavender.  The combination smells heavenly, and with the calming effects of good chocolate, and the relaxing effects of lavender, I will be totally zoned out for a while with this nice gift.

Inside his Monty Python card was also a very nice note.  Gotta love this man.


My knitting world has me jumping all over the map.

The red Cashmereno baby blanket was boring me to tears and the Marriott Mildew project was a bust.  So I started this.

Legerre Baby Blanket 07-18-04

It’s a baby blanket being made out of Lana Grossa Legerro.

I’m doing mitered squares on US8 needles, and the resulting fabric is kind of like terry cloth.  Here’s a closeup.

Legerre Baby Blanket 07-18-04 Closeup

As the blanket is very soft, and machine washable/dryable, I figured it would make a perfect baby blanket.


With all of the comments on spinning ramie, I realized that my one and only spinning technique worked well for well-prepared wool, but with ramie, not so much.

Not one to be beaten, I went back to the wheel and pulled out Antonio’s generous gift (he’s still the spinning spawn of satan), and tried a few different methods of spinning this smooth fiber.

After a few attempts, the spinning got easier, and I’ve been able to produce another hank of yarn from this big ball ‘o fiber.

Ramie Yarn 07-18-04

And a closeup

Ramie Yarn 07-18-04 Closeup

I’m still very new to spinning, and like with knitting, wool is very forgiving, while plant fibers like cotton, hemp and ramie take a little more discipline and diligence.

So I take back what I said about Antonio (not the satan part, just the offensive Jeri Curl part), and re-thank him for his gift.

More eBay Yarn

I got another load of yarn from my friend Alan, and have posted 8 lots to eBay.

Check them out here.

Of all of these yarns, the black silk/wool blend is my favorite.  I’m hoping it doesn’t get any bids so I can take it for my own, but I doubt that’s likely.  The Sage cotton tape yarn already has a bid.

Readers’ Comments/Questions

Marilyn mentions that consulting sucks.

Despite my harried week, I actually disagree with this comment.  I love consulting.  I love the work that I do, I love traveling for work and I love not having to stay at one company for years and years…not to mention that traveling consultants typically get paid 20% higher than similar corporate jobs.

This past week was just very stressful, but it has definitely been balanced out by other easy weeks, where I got to spend a lot more time with Thaddeus on the weekend.

Hope your weekend in Saratoga was lovely, despite the weather.

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