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Today’s Rant

Women may actually be able to multi-task better than men, but they still suck at driving and talking on a cell phone.

Hang Up and Drive

Or at least use a headset.

I have never seen a situation where someone’s driving doesn’t deteriorate significantly when they’re talking on a cell phone. Despite what they may think.

My biggest pet peeve are folks that don’t seem to understand what the left-most lane means when driving on a highway. It’s known as the “fast lane” or the “passing lane”. When you’re not doing either of those, you should get the fuck out of that lane.

Cell phone drivers are reknowned for cruising in that lane and being oblivious to those around them.


Ashamedly, I went back to JoAnn’s last night and picked up a SEPARATING zipper.

Unfortunately, they didn’t have a 22″ in separating zipper in ecru, so I had to go with a cream colored one instead. It’s a little lighter in color than I would have liked, but I’m okay with it.

Magazine Review

While at JoAnn’s last night, I also picked up three knitting magazines.

Magazines Fall 2004

Here are my comments on each (for those caring):

Vogue Knitting

Price US$5.99

# Pattern Designs 38

Overall, there are a lot of designs. The yarn companies have submitted a number of the designs in this issue. Worth buying???…I suggest browsing through it before deciding.

Good Designs:

– Two Karabella design studio designs that were classic and well done.

– Rhapsody in Blue by Classic Elite studios. Cashmere and comfortable looking.

– Cool Kimono by Vladimir Teriokhin was pretty decent looking.

– Comfy Coat Cardigan by Katherine Hunt was kinda nice with interesting Autumn colors.

– Crochet Medallion Pullover by Sandi Prosser was very nice, and I loved her colors.

Bad Designs:

– The Bead Goes On Poncho by Tahki studios. A stupid looking bulky poncho schmatta.

– Lacy Pink Cape by Pierre Carrilero was the ugliest design in the magazine.

– Furry Wrap by Vladimire Teriokhin was stupid looking.

– Sumptuous Wrap by Sandi Prosser looked like a fringed bath mat.

– Angora Off-The-Shoulder by Suzan Lee was bulky and bad.

– Angora Teddy-like top by Wilma Peer looked silly

– Wrap Cardigan by Fayla Reiss uses glittery yarn and looks really stupid.

– Faux Fur Jacket by Veronica Manno was very bad

Knit ‘n Style

Price US$5.99

# Pattern Designs 30

Overall it’s not awful, but again, browsing before buying would be necessary.

Good Designs:

– Long Tunic by Plymouth Yarn studios was decent looking.

– Diagonal Jacket by Valentina Devine was a good design in a bad color.

– Lotus Tapestry Jacket by Diane Zangl was good.

– Cable Neck Pullover by Tahki studios was classically nice looking.

– Diamonds Are A Guy’s Best Friend was also a classically nice looking design for a man.

Bad Designs:

– Fringe Pullover by Nicky Epstein looked like a worm-infested sweater

– Watercolors Scarf Jacket by Lion Brand studios was the stupidest scarf/jacket combination thing.

– Racing Stripes & Checks by Barbara Venishnick was a stupid combination of color patterning

– Jeanie’s Coat by Jeanie Wechsler some folks might like, but I thought was a bad use of knitting.

– Two Color Cable Pullover by Helene Rush was the most awful garter stitch piece of shit in the magazine.

– Sleeveless Sweater & Topper by Marilyn Turner was pretty dopey looking.


Price US$5.95

# Pattern Designs 14

Overall, I only hope that guild members get this rag for free. I definitely wouldn’t recommend buying it.

Good Designs:

– Fashion at Five is a cute young girls outfit with a color scheme seemingly stolen from MonkeyKnits

– South of the Border Vest by Charlotte Weber was decent looking.

Bad Design:

– Alpaca Vest by Katharine Seaman was bulky and had shoulder wings…ugh!

Readers’ Comments/Questions

Kim Salazar asks if I have any advice on sewing a zipper into a sweater using a sewing machine.

Not a lot of advice…only what I got from my sister with sewing talent. I temporarily baste together the two pieces of knitted material that the zipper will bring together when completed.

I pin the zipper in place with as many pins as I can use.

I should use a zipper foot, but I don’t have one, so I just take great care that the foot doesn’t get snagged in either the zipper or the knitted stitches.

Finally, my sister tells me that in her experience, hand sewing a zipper gives it less strength. But she definitely has a machine bias (excuse the pun).

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