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Straight Eye For the Queer Guy

Can you imagine what knitwear design would look like if straight guys really did design?

I Care About Style…Why?

Most straight men, in gross, general terms, pay very little attention to aesthetics in their day-to-day lives.

As such, straight-inspired knitwear designs would probably end up having mostly the following three characteristics:

1. Easy to make

2. Comfortable to wear

3. Use some cool technique that’s easy to do, but gets a big bang (e.g. “Magic Scarf”)

Here is my vision of straight men designing.

Easy To Make

Straight Sweater Simple

Comfortable To Wear

Straight Sweater Comfortable

Some Cool Technique

Straight Sweater Cool Technique


I’m continuing to knit on both the zippered cardigan, and on Thaddeus’ red merino pullover.

I ran out of yarn before finishing the back of the zippered cardigan, so I’ll have to wait until I get home to finish that piece.

Until then, progress moves along quickly on the red pullover. Pictures in next blog entry.

Readers’ Comments/Questions

James wants to see QueerJoe wearing a mauve ‘mingo feather boa.

First of all, the only boa I own is rainbow colored (or coloured, since I’m replying to James), and it’s not likely you’ll ever get me in a picture of that. Second of all, we can all thank Mouse for her crafty picture that details the poetic QueerJoe.

KC asks two questions:

1. Why did I remove Wendy’s blog link from my list of daily reads?

A. As mentioned in the comment from me, I just couldn’t keep up with all my blog reading, so I actually took off Antonio’s and Wendy’s. Both of them have well established blogs, and certainly don’t NEED my links, and honestly, I hadn’t read either of theirs for a while.

I know that most of the folks that read my blog, also read Wendy’s, but I consider those links my personal shortcuts, so I’m sorry if some folks miss the missing links.

2. Any tips on getting the Lana Grossa Legerro at a discount?

A. I might have had some pull when Simply Knit was still open, as they were one of the main designers for the Lana Grossa line of yarn when it first came to the states, but now I don’t have any ideas for you, other than standard Google searches for sites where they might have it on sale.

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  1. Your comments on Men designing are so apt!

    I am in the process of putting together a collection of my patterns for knitting for other people to wear and I wondered, as a guy, what sweaters would you wear if it was a gift to you and what would you just say NO WAY!!! to?

    Any preferences with colours, materials etc? I am talking to you as a ‘guy’ and as a recipient of a knitted piece and not as a knitter yourself. We all have those things we love to knit AND those things we actually wear or buy and the two sometimes have a disparity about them.

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