QueerJoe 04-04-03

Diverging Paths

Knitting blogs all have their own unique identities, and both my blog and my taste in blogs continues to evolve.

How Would You Characterize QueerJoe.com?

I have this idea of the general tone of my blog, and I try to maintain a certain consistency, and adherence to standards whenever I write a blog entry.

As Jennifer pointed out (kind of), my blog was really created using Marilyn’s and Wendy’s blogs as my idea of what a knitting blog should be (with a much stronger leaning toward the snarkier of the two).

Writing this blog for almost two years, I’ve established an identity of my own, and it has definitely moved away from a chronology of my knitting, to one of opinionated commentary. Commentary on knitting, knitting lists, knitting magazines, politics, civil rights, and many other topics.

Overall, I’m very happy with how my blog has emerged, and I enjoy writing it very much.

Even more so, I’m extremely happy with the type of folks my blog has attracted.

I remember when I was working at Tomato Factory in the last few years of its existence. At events like Stitches, there were no other yarn stores that were generating the kinds of designs that Tomato Factory was pumping out (thanks to the design efforts of Kathy Merrick, Carol Lapin and Susan Spaeth.

Suffice it to say, their unique designs attracted a very different crowd than the run-of-the-mill knitter that went to Stitches.

I like to think of my blog as the Tomato Factory of knitting blogs.


I knit like mad on the Morehouse merino pullover for Thaddeus, but the picture looks exactly the same as the last picture.

How can that be?

Oh well, I’ve completed almost up to the arm hole shaping, so I’ll be switching over to flat knitting soon.

In other words, I’m postponing pictures of my work in progress again.

New Jersey Knitting Events

For those of you in the area, the new yarn store, Woolplay is having some knitting events in the near future:

Woolplay grand opening (official) September 11

3rd Annual Philadelphia Knit Out September 26

Habu Trunk Show October 2

Bus Trip to Stitches East October 9

There are other events as well, check them out in the Woolplay newsletter here.

Readers’ Comments/Questions

Marilyn asks if I’ve been spinning anything lately.

I haven’t been. I’ve decided to focus on using the New Zealand handspun that I’ve already finished. I figured it would be nice to say that I’ve been able to take fiber from the roving state to a completed garment. I am planning on purchasing some colored roving so I can try to make my own version of self-striping sock yarn.

Thanks to Justin for his high praise.

High praise indeed, especially from a guy the writes a blog I read almost everyday. I love the Bowie outfit on his recent blog entry. Very retro, very chic.

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