Bush Pair

The Rebumblican President

While his speech last night was extremely polished and well-presented, it was as vapid and meaningless as most every other public appearance he’s made.

Name Calling

Democrats are way too cerebral (that means they think too much, for the Rebumblicans that read this blog).

While Cheney gets on the podium and lies and calls Kerry names, the Democrats discuss how we can make this country better.

The Rebumblicans also made a couple of grave mistakes at their convention. Firstly, they had the hateful so-called minister equate the support of a gay/lesbian child to that of supporting HITLER for chrissakes. Then, they clearly take advantage of a senile old senator and send him out to act like Cujo, the rabid dog. That poor man needs to be on some serious meds.

Since I truly believe that any sane, thinking voter wouldn’t consider voting to re-elect dubya, (unless they serve to gain financially from it) I think the Democrats just need to come up with a nasty schoolyard name for the opposing party, and they’ll be able to steal away enough non-thinking voters to win this election.

So from now on, please refer to our commander-in-chief as the Rebumblican president. It makes him sound as goofy as he is, and even the completely oblivious voter will realize they couldn’t vote for him with a name like that.


I promised a progress picture (actually, I’ve promised twice), so here it is.

Thaddeus Red Sweater 09-03-04

I told you it didn’t’ look any different, but a promise is a promise.

Actually, I’ve just gotten to the point where I’m starting to knit flat, so future pictures will have some differentiation.

Thaddeus is liking the knitted fabric very much, and he’s starting to get concerned about the neck treatment I use. He wants to be able to wear the sweater with a collared shirt underneath or with a white t-shirt. He wants the shirt collar to be visible and the t-shirt to be invisible. He also doesn’t want the collar coming up to his facial stubble, as he knows it will shred the ultra-soft merino fabric.

I get the feeling I’ll be making a few modifications to this collar.

New Magazine

Interweave has come out with a new magazine for crochet called Interweave Crochet.

Interweave Crochet

Marilyn had mentioned it, and noted that the famous designer, Kathy Merrick (of Tomato Factory and Simply Knit) has a hat design in the issue.

Magazine Overview

Cost US$ 7.99

Number of patterns: 24

Number of good patterns: 6

Number of bad patterns: 7

Overall comments: Mari Lynn Patrick and Doris Chan give crochet a very bad name with multiple “designs” in this issue. Fortunately their are some designers that know how to make the best of the crochet stitch.

Good Designs

Interlocking Rings by Berta Karapetyan. Very nice design, although I didn’t like her choice in colors. The shaping is excellent, and the rings treatment is interesting and works as a neck edging.

Brave New Bra Top by Margaret Hubert. This won’t be to everyone’s taste, but I thought it was well done.

Tunisian Vest by Kathleen Power Johnson. This is a pretty standard, ordinary vest. Good choice in colors and a handsome model.

Butterfly Jacket by Setsuko Torri. This Habu design is different and interesting. High fashion in excellent yarns.

Yo Yo Cardigan by Annie Modesitt. The best design in the magazine, this child’s top is colorful and interesting and looks like a blast to make.

Squiggle Hat by Kathy Merrick. I’ve always said that Kathy is one of the few folks that know how to use crochet well. This hat is a good example of that. Plus, it’s made with Koigu. Very nice.

Squiggle Hat

Bad Designs

Retro Tweed Jacket by Mari Lynn Patrick. A perfect example of bad crochet and no sense of color and shaping.

Big Collar Cardigan by Norah Gaughan. Thick, bulky crochet in a bad design.

Open Fan Cardigan by Doris Chan. Thick, bulky crochet in a trendy open, lacey bell-sleeve top. Awful.

Vive La Provence Skirt by Doris Chan (cover picture). I can’t imagine what Interweave was thinking by putting this on the cover. Very bad.

Salon Capelet by Mari Lynn Patrick. Do you know what a capelet is? Do you know anyone that has ever worn one with aplomb? Mari Lynn should be banned from fiber designing.

Triangular Shawl by Doris Chan. This isn’t awful, but it’s not good either. Too small and way too ordinary.

Kid-Kini by Trudy Van Stralen. A child’s bikini done in a gray/brown/taupe, mouse-colored linen, that is just plain stupid looking. Any mother that would make their child wear this should be reported to Division of Youth and Family Services and have their child put in foster care.


I’m glad to own this magazine, and I will probably make the Annie Modesitt design at one point. I will also probably make some of Kathy’s hats for my nieces. I think they’d think they were very cool, and they look better in hats than the model they used in the magazine.

Readers’ Comments/Questions

Phoenix wonders if I should be dared to make the Bowie leotard on Justin’s web blog.

I might have considered it if it was a knitting pattern, or if the sewing pattern was relatively simple. Neither of those is the case, so I won’t be making myself one.

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