Short Rant

Enough already with the presidential nominees’ pissing contest about who served and lied about their service!

Military Service

Here’s the real story, short and simple:

John Kerry – Served in Viet Nam and probably finagled reports to get three purple hearts and released from service. He came back and protested the war, including acting as a veterans’ representative in front of Congress, and pissed off a lot of veterans who felt he was disrespecting their service in Viet Name.

George W. Bush – Rich connections allowed him to join the Texas Air National Guard and he got approved to fly. Through major drug and alcohol abuse, he opted not to take a physical that would have cleared him to actually fly. Rich connections then allowed him to “transfer” to first another Guard opportunity in Alabama and then another one when he started his post-graduate work at Yale. He never showed up at either of those assignments.

I just wish both camps would STFU about both men’s service. Everyone knows (or at least assumes) what actually happened, regardless of whether records are released or accurate.

Now, how the hell are we going to extract ourselves from the current mess in Iraq without charging another $200 billion dollars against the next generations tax burden?

Free Poncho Pattern

Normally, I hate ponchos.

Like crochet, people can do some of the ugliest things in the “poncho medium”. I found a link to one of the few ponchos that I would actually consider making. It even has BOBBLES!

Click here for free poncho pattern.

Colors are sublime, design is simple and elegant, and it actually looks good on the wearer.

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