Lana Grossa Olympia - Two clearance bulky exploded balls of yarn!

Exploding Balls

Of yarn, that is.

Noro Ganpi

I have to say, I’m loving the crochet project, especially working with the Noro yarn.

The yarn is wood-based with a nylon binding and works up like hemp in a certain way.

What I hate about it, is winding the hanks into balls.

Using a standard swift and ballwinder, I’ll be about halfway done with winding, and the ball will explode into a massive tangle of yarn. Very frustrating.

Someone suggested using a toilet paper roll over the winder next time, and I think that’s a great idea. I still have about 7 or 8 hanks to wind, and I wasn’t looking forward to it.


Speaking of which, I have made some progress on the crochet jacket, although the picture may belie my massive crochet efforts.

Crochet Jacket 09-23-04

I’ve said it before, but I’m not overly fast at crochet, and while I love the effect of single crochet on the drape of this fabric, they don’t build up as quickly as my knitting.


In addition to the crochet, I’ve reworked the collar and started the first sleeve on Thaddeus red merino sweater.

Thaddeus Red Sweater 09-23-04

The short rows to accommodate the set in sleeve were very easy, and I like the overall look of the seam. Now that I’m through the beginning part, the sleeve knitting should move along pretty quickly.

Readers’ Comments/Questions

Jean M. wanted to know about the Kaffe stories told at the recent get-together of Kathy, Marilyn and I.

Hey Kathy…is it okay to tell the gnome story?

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