Thaddeus Red Sweater 10-14-04

Knitting – Finally

Okay, I finally got to the “knitting” part of a my knitting blog.

Current Project
I finished the cranberry, Morehouse Merino sweater for Thaddeus this past weekend. Unfortunately, all I have is one lousy picture of it on the floor.

I’ll try to get a picture of my handsome partner to model it for the vast and yearning masses. Sometimes I wish he had just a little bit of vanity…it would be so much easier to get him to model for the blog.

New Knitting Books
As mentioned in my last “knitting-related” entry last Thursday, I was looking forward to getting home to my new Unicorn books, Simply Shetland and Simply Knit 3. I was not disappointed (in any way).

New Books

I had seen proofs of the books way before they made their way to yarn stores, and I was’t overly thrilled. I’ve changed my mind and I really like both books a lot.

The biggest and nicest surprises are Gregory Courtney’s designs in Simply Shetland. He has two very nice men’s sweaters and one of them I will probably make. Of course, Thaddeus likes the other one better, but fortunately, I have the last word in which sweaters I knit.

Despite my earlier misgivings, I would highly recommend both of these books.

See my post from Thursday, October 7th for ordering information, if you don’t have a source of your own.

Old Koigu Scarf Patterns
Theresa, the Keyboard Biologist, has made one of my Koigu scarf patterns, and many folks have wanted to purchase the pattern from me, especially now that Simply Knit isn’t in business any longer.

Check out Theresa’s archives for her September 8, 2003 post on the completion of the scarf (great pictures).

For anyone interested in either of two Koigu scarf kits, you can now go to Threadbear Fiber Arts, and they have the rights to give the pattern away free with the purchase of 2 or 3 skeins of Koigu.

Rhinebeck Sheep & Wool Festival
Thaddeus and I are heading up to Rhinebeck, NY this coming Saturday to check out spinning wheels, fibers and boutique yarns.

More importantly, I’ll be meeting up with Marilyn, Kathy, Deb (Yentala), Stephanie (Yarn Harlot, and the local axe murderer, Selma.

Prior to hacking our bodies to pieces, Selma has graciously arranged a visit to Morehouse Farms, where I will be looking to find some of their laceweight merino, if not other things.

Readers’ Comments/Questions
Aubergine mentions that his set of US 0, surina wood needles is very sharp.

That hasn’t been my experience so far. In my experience, the points are very similar to the Crystal Palace bamboo doublepointed needles in terms of the point. In fact, if you have Crystal Palace bamboo sock needles, and you like them, I would recommend that you not buy the Surina wood.

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