Amy Baby Blanket 11-01-04

Back To Basics

Now that the surprise project is over, I’m hunkering down, and working on W’sIP until they’re done.

Current Knitting
As I mentioned in the last blog entry, I’m planning on finishing up the third of three baby blankets for my new little niece (she lives in Rhode Island, which is a large rock in the Northern area of the states, that neighboring Massachusetts was glad to grant independence, since who wants a large, cold rock?). As such, she can never have too many blankets.

Amy Baby Blanket 11-01-04

I’ve finished three repeats, but I’m not sure how many I do for a complete blanket on this pattern…I’ll have to look it up in my archives.

Next Knitting Project
I’m not sure what I’ll pick up next. I know I have a few things lurking out there in WIP-land. There’s an ugly fiesta sock that’s almost done (and it’s the second sock!). There’s the handspun zippered cardigan with colored diamonds. Of course there’s always the kid alpaca bedspread/coffin cover. Theres the machine knit soft boucle pullover that just needs sleeves. Plus innumerable awaiting projects.

Most recently, I was thinking about the nice orange-y Royal Tweed I got at Simply Knit during their final days. I was thinking my friend Charles might love a sweater with that color, since he works for Princeton University, and orange and black are their school colors (yes…as awful as that is). At least I can give him an orange sweater that would look nice, instead of the garish crap that usually parades around campus.

Readers’ Comments Questions
Dana mentions RAOK or SP gifts.

RAOK = Random Acts of Kindness (I think) and I have no idea what SP is.

I have to agree with Kathy when it comes to the amazing folks that read this blog. They are very generous and thoughtful, in addition to being pretty great human beings. One of the things Kathy and James didn’t mention, is that when James noted that he didn’t have access to Koigu in New Zealand, Kathy generously sent him some from her MASSIVE stash. Thank you all for making my knitting world a pleasure to inhabit. For the highly observant among you, you might have noticed that I used one of the custom-made cable needles that Rosemary sent me from Colorado.

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