DHL Sucks

DHL Sucks

I’ve had an order of Surina Wood, doublepointed knitting needles sitting at some DHL office for a week now.

The Virtue of Patience…
…is a virtue I don’t possess.

And that’s after they were a week late in sending out the order from India, and they got delayed for a few days in Germany.

The good news is that I have all the sizes of 5″ needles and all of the sizes for 7″ needles. Most of the smaller sizes sold out early last time because I guess most folks knit their socks on US0’s and US1’s. I was also surprised that folks wanted the interim size between US1 and US2. I’m glad it’s filling a need.

Spinning Workshop
Thaddeus let me know that my enthusiasm and excitement for the time I spent over this past weekend wasn’t conveyed very well in my blog entry about it.

Usually, I’m a little better at expressing my feelings in writing. I don’t know what happened this time.

Two additional exciting moments to share:

1. I got to actually enjoy working with cotton on this little charkha from India. Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t want to work with the resulting yarn, but it was fun spinning on it.


2. The host of the workshop shared part of his stash of FoxFiber cotton. This “cake” of cotton top was almost twice this size before we all took some for our own stash. He also insinuated that he had much more than just this one cake. God, it’s nice being around folks as obsessed as I am!

Foxfire Cotton Cake

The finishing and blocking of the red baby blanket came out extremely well. I am so pleased to be able to send this off to the new parents and hope the baby enjoys it as much as I enjoyed working on it.

I’ve also finished the bottom ribbing on either a vest or a sweater from the wool/hemp cone yarn.

Stephen Sweater 11-18-04

I’m planning on doing a simple slip stitch pattern for the lower body and then switching to a different patterned slip stitch at around the chest area.

Knitted Bargains
I have to admit that I’m a hopeless addict to shopping at dollar stores, and the Albany area is chock full of them.

Last night, I went to one to pick up some tissue paper for sending off the baby blanket, and I saw a pile of sweaters from Old Navy on a shelf in their plastic wrap and everything. Cheap sweaters are one thing, but for a dollar?!?! And then I spot this one:

Old Navy Sweater Closeup

How could I resist?

Well, it turns out, the sweater wasn’t XL in size as advertised…it’s more like a medium/large. Second, there was a small hole in the bottom ribbing. And finally, the sweater was one of the few items in the store that isn’t a dollar. It was two dollars.

However, the sweater is 100% wool, pretty soft and machine-knit Fair Isle. Even if the sweater only provides blogging material, it was worth the $2.

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