Gifts Already Under The Tree

Yes, can you believe it, Thaddeus and I have already received our first Christmas gift. If we had a Christmas Tree, it would be under it now.

Blog Generosity
James has always been exceedingly generous. All the way from New Zealand, we received a card (opened) and two wrapped gifts (not yet opened).

I already know what the small one is (for Thaddeus), but I’m not sure what my gift is.

Thank you very much, James for your thoughtfullness and generosity.

The Morehouse Merino, lace-weight, evening wrap is moving along quite nicely. I should have it completed sometime this week, so I’m very pleased.

Merino Wrap 12-12-04

I’m still not sure who this will be for.

Once this is complete, I have to complete a pair of felted clog slippers for Thaddeus’ niece, and I’m debating on whether or not to pick up the Noro crochet jacket and try to finish that in time for a Christmas gift for our friend, Nora.

Readers’ Comments/Questions
Jenni asks what book I got the pattern for the evening wrap. It’s not one of my favorite books, and no where close to my favorite lace book, but I have to grudgingly say, it did have a simple pattern similar to what I was looking to make.

Knitted Lace Book

It’s Jan Eaton’s “A Creative Guide to Knitted Lace”.

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