Valentine Chocolates 02-14-09

Happy Valentine’s Day

And a special happy birthday to the love of my life.

Pictureless Party
Thanks to the quick snapping fingers of Carol S. (see Marilyn’s blog for a picture of the always funny Carol S.), I have a few pictures to share of the knit-birthday-snarkfest party at Liza’s.

Liza Party 1

This is the amazing hostess of the multi-purpose event, Liza. she is holding a beautiful wrap done with Kaffe-designed colors. You’ll also see the guest of honor and new knit friend Meg in front of the window reviewing Kathy’s new book from Marianne Isage called “Strik a la Carte”. Another extraordinary book.

Liza Party 2

This is the standard “Kathy takes a lousy picture” picture of the birthday girl opening a present while Meg isn’t paying attention.

Liza Party 3

Finally, the couch potatoes of the group, me and my beloved, and as usual, we’re separated by fiber (but more beautiful fiber you will never see…Kaffe has designed some of the most amazing fabrics…if any quilters or sewers want a source for this, let me know).

I was able to complete all the knitting of the tweed, zippered cardigan.

I began sewing it together, and I’m thinking I will try and pin in the zipper and bring it to a local tailor and pay them to sew it in.

I’ll post pictures in my next post of wherever I get to in the construction.

Readers’ Comments Questions
Thank you to Tineke who sent me the text of one of the most amazing speeches by a Christian minister named Dr. Robin Meyers. It has inspired me, and if you care to understand the need to change the makeup of the senate and house of representatives, just read this inspiring speech.

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