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Back To Work

Albany, work and snow…ugh!

Work Schedule
Nothing like a week away to make the work schedule get hectic when you get back. And to top it off, we get more snow dumped on us.

At least it wasn’t during a travel day for me.

Vacation Memories
Just to remind myself of the serene life that I had for a few fleeting days in Cancun, I’ll post two pictures, both taken of the view from our bedroom balcony.

The first one shows a standard bright sunny day, and the second one shows the full moon that hung over the hotel just after sunset one night. Most of the nights, we just left the front doors of the balcony open and slept to the sound of ocean waves.

I’m already dreaming/scheming/scheduling to go back next year.

Knitting Update
Well, I finally finished sewing up the Olive Cable Cardigan.

Then, I knit up the collar, basted together the two front sections, and pinned in the zipper.

Now I just need to bring it to a local tailor and have them sew in the zipper. I’d do it myself if my sewing machine skills (and equipment) weren’t so woefully lacking.

New Project
I decided I needed to swatch up a small section of the First Communion shawl for my niece.

I selected a lace pattern from one of my lace books. They showed it as an edging with three layers of lace knitting (the picot-like edge at the bottom, the fishnet section, and the diagonal bars). I just extended the fishnet and diagonal sections a few more times (which took me forever to figure out).

Once I was satisfied with the swatch, I started the shawl in earnest.

I’ve already memorized the six row repeat, so it should move along pretty quickly.

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