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More Political Ranting

It seems the people most adversely affected by the Rebumblican administration are the folks most hurt by their policies.

Who gets affected most by losing the ability to file chapter 7 bankruptcy?

The folks that can’t pay their healthcare bills mostly. Also senior citizens had a huge increase in bankruptcies last year.

Who wins? Well, honestly, folks like me win. I have sufficient funds and insurance that it is highly unlikely I’ll ever need to declare bankruptcy.

The banks and credit card companies also win. They can continue their predatory marketing to those least able to pay their bills (if you’ve ever declared bankruptcy, you’ll know that you get a barrage of credit card offers since the banks know you can’t declare bankruptcy for another five years).

I’ve decided that if lower/middle class folks want to continue to elect officials who make policy that makes me richer and them poorer, I’m going to let them have what they want. I’ll let the 2006 congressional elections make my decision.

One last question. If gay marriage was such a huge issue during the elections, where the hell is the presidential roadshow calling for a gay marriage amendment to the constitution?

Could it be that that was just to get out the voter block of bigots?

Good News
I was just catching up on some long overdue blog reading.

I’m sure most of you already know about this, but Stephanie Pearl has encouraged and tracked over $60,000 in contributions to Medecins San Frontiers (Doctors Without Borders). Check out her blog and contribute if you already haven’t.

Knitting Update
I’m continuing work on the Communion Shawl. I’ve finished about fifteen inches, so it’s about 1/3rd complete.

I’ll have an updated picture at the end of the week.

Interweave Knits Magazine
I got the most recent issue of the Spring 2005 Interweave Knits at my local grocery store this past weekend.

Interweave Knits 2005

From an overall perspective, this is the most worthwhile knitting issue I’ve seen in a while. They have a common theme woven into the magazine which is interesting. They also have what looks to be a well done technical article on Brioche stitch by Nancy Marchand.

There are a total of 19 designs in this issue, for US$6.99. Eight of the designs I thought were good, and 7 of the designs were not so good (or worse). The other four weren’t worth commenting on.

Design Review

Wear-Everywhere Pullover – Lana Hames – Classic pullover in hemp – perfect use of the yarn
Fitted Dolman – Annie Modesitt – I kind of liked this although I’m not a big fan of dolmans
Galway Guy – Deborah Newton – The first of two bad Deborah Newton designs in one magazine
A Good Bias – Lisa Daehlin – It’s a shrug and it’s a bad one
Flowered Waistcoat – Sasha Kagan – Classic Sasha – nice design except for arm hole edging
Vintage Pink Cardigan – Norah Gaughan – Nice design, awful color
Bear Claw Blanket – Veronik Avery – Make a quilt, it’s easier and nicer looking
Ballet Wrap – Norah Gaughan – No comment
Border on the Extravagant – Deborah Newton – An abomination of yarn
Skye Tweed Vest – Kathy Zimmerman – Simple, classic, nice…I’d make this
Parfait Play – Debbie Bliss – Classic Debbie and well done
Grand Plan Capelets(3) – Ann Budd – Hideous monstrosities…god-awful waste of yarn
Cable-Eight Top – Joyce Wu – Best use of bulky cotton – still ugly
Bi-Color Brioche – Nancy Marchant – Interesting and kinda good
Wave Skirt – Kat Coyle – Awful colors, poor use of yarn
Cable Rib Socks – Erica Alexander – Nice socks, but not very practical to put a rib inside your shoe
Paisley Lace Shawl – Evelyn A. Clark – Not bad for a shawl design
Heads-Up Hats – Leigh Radford – These are okay…I’m glad they showed a picture from behind
Amish Oval Rug – Donna Druchunas – I liked this okay.

Readers’ Comments/Questions
Ann asks if I’ll be going to S&W again this year.

I will probably be going to both MD and Rhinebeck again this year, barring anything out of the ordinary.

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