Support Our Troops

I mean by more than slapping a yellow magnet on the back of your vehicle.

Cool Web Site
In previous wars, when you wanted to send letters or food or toiletries or nice handknit items to a generic soldier, you used to be able to address it to “Any Soldier” and it would be delivered to a random service person.

Unfortunately, with the threat of terrorism, the U.S. Postal service won’t let you do that anymore.

As a result, some enterprising individual has established a network of service members who will accept packages and distribute the contents randomly to their unit.

Check it out and send some comfort item to a needy service member (and it’s doubtful they need knitwear in Iraq).

Sock Needle Site
Speaking of web sites, I’ve made a minor update to the DoublePointed Surina Wooden Sock Knitting Needle site.

I’ve added two new sizes of double-pointed needles, US7 and US8. Unfortunately, they can’t currently be purchased as part of the set of 9 needles, but if anyone wants it that way, I can arrange that too.

I’ve done a number of searches on the Surina needles, and I’m amazed to see what some of the other places are charging for them. Mine are cheaper even before you take into consideration the 17% discount for full sets.

First sleeve complete, second one, just barely started.

Jacob Select 04-08-05

Just what I needed…a dark, bulky sweater for the Spring/Summer months.

Birthday Continues
I arrived home to a package from New Zealand from my favorite Kiwi, James.

James Gift 04-08-05

When opened, it looked like this:

James Gift 04-08-05 Open

What a great guy. The red ball in a mini-crate is a felted wool ball that I will use as my fiber stress ball. The chocolate is from my favorite Kiwi Chocolatier, Schoc Chocolates. It’s Tasty Hot Cross Buns flavored (I’m not sure what that means, but it tastes GREAT).

The card is beautiful with an even more beautiful note. Thank you very much for such a nice package

KnitList Horror
Someone wrote the following to the KnitList the other day, and I just had to cringe:

Subject: Kaffe Fassett’s Color Design

I am planning on making a shawl using a Kaffe Fassett geometric color pattern. All of his designs seem to be in st st. I like to make my shawls in garter st. Has anyone done a geometric color design in garter st?

All I can think is that talented designers like Kaffe must learn to just ignore incredibly bad adaptations of their designs.

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