Church should not fear change, pope says at close of Bishop's gathering

More Catholic Hypocrisy

Why is it that Catholic Priests take a vow to not get married, and nuns take a vow to not have sex?

Celibacy vs. Chastity
Most folks consider the words “celibacy”, “chastity”, and “abstinence” to mean the same thing.

So, when a Catholic Priest takes a vow of celibacy, he’s vowing to not have sex…right?

Well, not quite. It really means he’s making a vow that he’ll never marry. And since it’s a sin to have sex outside of marriage, it would be a sin for a Priest to have sex, but NOT a breaking of his vows.

Catholic nuns, on the other hand, take a vow of chastity, which means they vow not to have sex.

It’s not that I’m suprised by the hypocrisy, but I just thought it was another way that the Catholic Church puts women in a lower status than men.

I finished the sweater and it’s just about a perfect sweater for me.

I’ve gotten extremely good at making sweaters that fit both Thaddeus and me, and this on is no exception. The neck is close fitting, but not tight, which is exactly how I wanted it. And the inconsistencies in thickness of my handspun yarn gives the sweater an even, yet interesting texture.

Here are a few pictures of me modeling the sweater.

Jacob Select Joe 3

Fortunately, this little cool spell in Albany is allowing me to make brief use of the sweater.

Communion Shawl Again
I’m back to trying to finish up the Communion Shawl for my niece’s first communion.

Communion Shawl - 04-11-05

I’ve completed about 32 inches out of what will be 48 inches. Now that I’m focusing only on this project, it should move along pretty quickly.

Readers’ Comments/Questions
Cait mentions that the left lane is for passing, not speeding.

I am not a big fan of folks that think speeding is morally or ethically wrong for everyone. I don’t personally care if they consider it ethically wrong for themselves (perhaps they need to drive slower to maintain safety).

But the deal is this. Drivers have the choice of going the speed limit and not risking a ticket, or exceeding the speed limit and risking a ticket (or worse).

I choose to risk the ticket, and I have no problem if you don’t…just stay out of the left lane while doing it so I can pass safely (which we agree is what the lane is for)

The only time where I would agree that left lane driving is appropriate is when there is a left exit. It’s the folks that get in that lane five miles before the exit that give me the road rage that inspired yesterday’s post.

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