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Now, Tell Me What You Do Again…?

I get this question from friends and family all the time.

My Job
I work for a publicly traded consulting firm and my official title is “Manager”.

Specifically, I manage projects for various clients who are implementing one particular brand of software (PeopleSoft) that helps the client manage their Human Resources, Benefits and Payroll functions.

So, for instance, if you were a large corporation, and your current system for tracking employee data and benefits and payroll was costing you millions in upkeep, you might decide to replace the system with an “off-the-shelf” software, like PeopleSoft.

Setting up their system can be very complex, and planning how to convert over all your existing employee information and still be able to provide information to other folks, like your medical plan providers needs to be set up.

Having someone that understands:

– How the PeopleSoft system works and how to set it up
– About various Human Resources/Benefits/Payroll functions
– Project management,

might make your project go much more smoothly and with less cost.

Do I program? No.
Do I enter data? No.
Do I load software onto the server? No.
Do I get paid for my very-specific skillset? You bet.

Now, go ask Marilyn what her profession is, if you’re not already confused enough.

I’ve made some modicum of progress on the Communion Shawl.

Communion Shawl - 04-18-05

I’m actually getting less bored with the pattern repeat, and I’m hoping to finish it this weekend.

Readers’ Comments/Questions
Mariellen asks how much time I spend knitting each day.

This varies, but it probably averages out to about 2 hours a day these days.

In the past I’ve knit a lot more, and right now I’m having a little bit more difficulty jamming in more knitting (and spinning) time.

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