Passing Lane 21

Designer Success

I never would have guessed how well my knitting designs would have sold.

The Knitting Vault
In the week or so that the Knitting Vault has been open for business, I can only hope all the other designers are doing as well selling their designs.

I only have four designs for sale on the site (with another one to follow shortly), and my sales have been surprisingly brisk.

Most of the sales have been for the Koigu Cross Stitch scarf pattern. But there has also been a lot of interest in the Passing Lane pullover (remember, that’s the DK weight sweater with a bulky fisherman’s rib and a small roll-neck collar in a different color inside the crew-neck collar).

Passing Lane Collar

I also have to admit, that I changed the name of the Fair Isle vest from Lisa’s very fitting title of “Fashion of The Christ” to “Fair Isle Pullover Vest”. I know, boring, but I was thinking maybe I shouldn’t alienate potential customers.

Anyway, thanks for all the “press” you folks have given this site on the knitting lists, and thanks to any of you who have actually purchased and downloaded patterns.

I finished the knitting on the Communion Shawl and washed and blocked it.

Communion Shawl - 04-18-05

Now I just have to do the fringe, pack it up and send it to my sister.

For anyone interested in the pattern, I’ll be putting it up with my other designs on the Knitting Vault.

Readers’ Comments/Questions
I am glad I brought up the topic of job descriptions in my last post.

In addition to the comments, I have received e-mail from quite a few folks that are familiar with or use PeopleSoft themselves.

The scary part of it is, Lisa is exactly correct. Try understanding what she does for a living. I’ve interrogated her personally, and I still have no idea. But she sure can get your good theater seats (Jimmy Smits sweat on me in Princeton because of her)

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