Arbiter of Good Taste

It is widely known that gay men have superior taste, and as such, can be self-proclaimed critics thereof.

Okay…We Know That’s Bullshit
I don’t have a problem when readers think my comments or critiques are rude, and they decide that they’d prefer to not read my blog. In fact, to a large degree, I tend to accentuate the rudeness to drive away the more gentle souls that would prefer a more “can’t we all get along” type of world. They clearly won’t find that kind of world here.

But don’t those same people realize that by announcing their opinion of my web site and inferring that I should change, that they are doing the exact thing that they are asking me not to?

Even if the critique is masked as a polite question, their condemnation of what I write is still just as rude as calling a knitting design an abomination.

Or have I reached another zenith of pedantic blog writing again?

Next Knitting Project
I’m planning on starting a new baby blanket for a coworker who’s wife is due in August. That will give me plenty of time to complete it.

I plan on using one of the patterns from the Leisure Arts book I mentioned in my last post, but I’m not sure what yarn I’ll use. If the local yarn store up here in Schenectady (Ye Olde Yarn & Gift Shoppe), NY has a decent superwash wool in DK weight, and a decent color, I’ll get the yarn up here. Otherwise I’ll have to look at home or order it on the web.

Readers’ Comments/Questions
Deanna notes that the Vogue Knitting Scarf #31 looks similar to my Koigu Cross Stitch scarf.

The pattern stitch is similar, and I like their version…especially for a decorative summer scarf. But the design has a very different effect when done lenghtwise and with Koigu. Thanks Deanna for also plugging The Knitting Vault. The owner of that new site is thrilled with how well it’s going.

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