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Fantasy Yarn Crawl

They have pub crawls, why not yarn crawls?

My Fantasy Yarn Crawl
I need to combine two of my favorite things as I travel the world on a fantasy yarn shopping spree. Yarn and food.

I figured I’d just pick some of my favorite yarn stores in the world and include some of the local food as part of the trip.

Starting out locally, I’d stop at Rosie’s Yarn Cellar and then go for Philly Cheese Steaks.Then I’d head down to Maryland and go to Yarns International and eat some Crab Cakes.Heading North, I’d stop in New York at Habu and grab a decent bagel, and then up to Massachusetts for WEBS and find a place for lobster rolls.

Continuing North and out of the country, I’d have to make it to Koigu and nourish myself with some poutine. Sticking with the international theme, I’d head over to Paris, pick up some yarn at La Droguerie and have either a bowl of cafe au lait and croissants, or a seven course meal at one of Paris’ finest eateries.

A quick hop over to Lucca in Italy to stop at the lovely yarn store I visited while there (don’t know the name) and also have squid-ink ravioli sautéed in butter with shaved truffles on top. Long trip over to New Zealand to yarn shop with James and eat whatever he suggested, and then finally finish off the global trip by coming around to Artfibers and having some good sourdough bread and Rice-a-Roni?

Blog Recognition
Rebecca Blood who wrote The Weblog Handbook has the second chapter published as part of Blogger’s knowledge repository (or on-line help).

Read here how she sites my blog as an example.

How cool is that?

Next Knitting Project
Here’s the blanket I’ve decided I’m going to make.

Jon Baby Blanket Picture

I know the picture is repulsively cutesy, but the pattern looks like fun and I love the look of the blanket.

I plan on doing it in a pale yellow, or perhaps even in a color similar to the green in the picture. My co-worker Jon and his wife Gabrielle are due in August, so it gives me plenty of time. They won’t be finding out the gender of the child until it pops out in August, so they’re doing the nursery in traditional pastels of green and yellow with some gold highlights.

Now I just have to find the yarn.

Readers’ Comments/Questions
Penny noted (in the Vogue Review post comments):

“Opinions are good. It’s strange, though, that some need to see Joe’s review before they make a decision for themself as to whether they like the patterns or not.”

This is one of my favorite techniques that evil people like Laura Ingraham and Rush Limbaugh use. They attribute something to people that isn’t true, and then insult them for it.

Who ever said that the readers rely on my judgement before they make a decision for themselves. Read Lisa’s comments about shit on toast for a perfect example of how you’re delusional.

Thanks to RJ for the excellent satirical reply.

Finally, I’ve gotten my first request to copy and send a copyrighted pattern (of an Alice Starmore pattern, no less).


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