Stitch n Bitch

Bitchy Mood

Not sure why, but I feel totally pissed off today.

Not Myself
Have you ever thought to yourself, why does maid service fold the ends of my toilet paper roll into a triangle every morning (now my current hotel is putting a gold circular sticker to keep the fold in place.)? Normally I’d think, “Oh thank god they touched my toilet paper, I feel much cleaner.”

When I pulled off the gold sticker this morning, I wanted to punch the maid in the face. It took me until noon to realize that my emotional reaction may have been excessive.

Dirty Little Secrets
I didn’t mention it, but when I bought the yarn for the baby blanket, I also made a couple of other purchases.

During my search for baby blanket yarn, I spotted a basket of Trekking sock yarn in 100 gm balls.

Trekking Sock Yarn

I don’t find a lot of commercially spun sock yarn in boring men’s colors, so I picked up two balls.

Then I saw their offering of Manos, so I picked this up.

Manos Yarn

Whenever I see interesting colors of Manos yarn, I pick up two skeins for what will become a throw for me and Thaddeus. I made one a while ago for my mother, and it was the hardest of all my knitted gifts that I ever gave up.

Here are the colors I have so far.

Manos Throw Yarn


Not all of it is the Manos brand. Some of it was a different brand I got at WEBS that they claim is exactly like Manos. I can’t wait to start this throw for us.

Current Knitting
I’ve made some progress on the baby blanket, but not enough to merit a picture.

Who do you think I am, Wendy?

Readers’ Comments/Questions
Marilyn asks two questions:

1. Looks like you gots you a lot of twist in that spun yarn, J. I tend to overtwist myself, since some of it comes out in the plying anyways.

A. Yes, one of the downfalls of my knitting technique is that it usually has a little more spin than I’d care for. Like Marilyn, I compensate by plying, but I was also hoping that a harder yarn would be better for longer wearing sock yarn.

2. By the way, what’s that knitted objet the baby blanket is lying on? Looks knitted, to my eye.

A. It’s not, it’s an old bath mat. I thought the sage green would show off the color of the yarn.

Finally, she mentions that she likes the baby blanket pattern, but not the color.

I am right with her on this one. The color would definitely not have been my choice, but it will be perfect for the recipients.

Michelene asks if anyone has noticed that KnitU is down.


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