Driving Myself To The Airport at 4-30 am

Bad Drivers

Have you ever noticed that certain characteristics of a driver tend to mean they are usually a bad driver.

It used to be that Thaddeus and I would always notice that the bad drivers were the ones that wore hats when they drove. Then we noticed that many Volvo drivers were erratic drivers.

Due to the reputation of safety in Volvo’s Thaddeus was often heard saying, “People who drive Volvo’s, should.”

In that same vein, I’ve heard that some folks think Volkswagen Jetta drivers are careless and dangerous.

So I figured it was time for an informal poll of readers.

Current Knitting
I’m continuing on with the small needles and the hundreds of stitches with the coworker’s baby blanket.

Jon Baby Blanket 04-29-05

I’m liking the fabric of the blanket and the design very much. It will turn out being a very lightweight blanket.

Birthday Surprise
My sister-out-of-law, Michelle, took a vacation up to Niagra Falls, on the pretty side, in Canada. Guess what I got as a birthday surprise?

Kraft Peanut Butter copy

Not just this one jar…but NINE!!!

Is she the best or what?

Readers’ Comments/Questions
First of all, thanks to Liza for educating us in the ways of evil imposters. My apologies to Sarah for editing her comment, but I wanted to make sure that a company taking away from the good work that Manos del Uruguay does, didn’t get any free press on my site.

I was aware that Manos sold yarn spun by Uruguayan women in poverty, but I was also led to believe that the knock-off supported the same or similar group of women.

I feel duped.

Here’s a link where the company describes their own purpose.


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