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Who Me Worry?

Just because I might not have enough yarn for my current baby blanket…there is no reason to panic.

Do You Ever Do This?
Usually, when I buy yarn, I buy way more than enough to make an extra-large man’s sweater, and that way when I make a sweater for my me, I always have plenty.

Even if it has cables and lots of ribbing.

This time, I bought all the yarn they had in this color (7 balls), and I figured it would be enough.

Now I’m starting to question this decision.

Current Knitting
I’m into my third ball of seven, and here’s where I am so far.

Jon Baby Blanket 05-01-05

Once I get about halfway through the fourth ball, I will try to assess whether I have enough yarn. If not, I will actually wet-block what I have to see if the fully blocked blanket will be long enough. If it’s still not enough yarn, I will abort the project and look for some other yarn.

Birthday Surprise
Sorry for taking for granted that folks would know my birthday present was 9 jars of Kraft Extra Creamy Peanut Butter.

This stuff is the best peanut butter I’ve ever had, and it’s not available in the United States (Kraft-Canada makes it, but Kraft-U.S. doesn’t…how ridiculous is that?). Not only is the texture smooth and creamier than any U.S. brand peanut butter, but it has the same number of carbs as the No-Sugar brands.

Weekend Movies
I got to see two movies this weekend.

Saturday, we got to see “Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Universe”. I wasn’t overly interested in the original mini-series, so the movie was okay. Thaddeus loved the mini-series, and he thought there wasn’t enough of the Guide’s “wisdom” included in the movie.

Sunday, we went to see “Downfall”, which is a movie that walks the viewer through the final months of Hitler’s nazi Germany, and his eventual suicide. It was amazingly well done, but the material was very tough to watch. Even worse than “The Jesus Chainsaw Massacre” (also known as “The Passion of the Christ”).

Readers’ Comments/Questions
Some folks asked why certain car models weren’t included in the survey.

FreePolls.com limits me to 10 answers, so Daewoo just didn’t make the cut…sorry.

I just have one comment about Manos, and Liza’s parting words on the matter.

Liza knows more about yarn than anyone I’ve ever met, and she also knows all the inside stories about the yarn business. I hope that when she returns, she is able to expand on her reasoning, mostly because I’m nosey, but just her word on the matter makes it important enough for me to edit a comment for the first time in QueerJoe.com history.

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