Ponchos, Shrugs and Shawls, Oh My!

If it takes these kinds of garments to create new knitters, do we really want new knitters?

Innovative, Thinking Knitters
The Newcomer Rules were specifically written to try and scare away lazy, non-thinking knitters from this blog. It initially worked to weed out a lot of readers, and then the remaining readers seemed to take over policing the comments to make sure it provided a forum for thoughtful commentary.

In the world of knitting, I fear that the new knitters who are working on frou frou scarves and trendy ponchos, are only doing so to be trendy. And when knitting is no longer au courant, they will follow the next trend. For the ones that recognize the amazing fulfillment that is available through fiber pursuits, I can only hope they are able to see past the gaudy to experience the success of making a challenging knitted garment.

New Cast On Magazine
Having said that, I picked up a copy of the May-July 2005 Cast On last night.

Cast On 2005

Overall, I’m highly impressed, despite the fact that there’s a poncho on the cover. There are 17 designs in this issue, and only one that is awful (and it’s not the poncho). There are many classical designs that make extremely good use of some unusual yarn choices. Their articles are well done, and provide challenging “Master Knitter” projects for attaining a TKGA certification. Well worth the US$5.95 newsstand price.

For what it’s worth, here are my comments:

MacArthur Park Poncho – Margaret Fisher – Best poncho I’ve seen yet, fashionable and gorgeous colors
Sweet Summer Camisole – Joan McGowan-Michael -Nice design
Brushstrokes Scarf – Laura Bryant – Stunning colors and great use of rayon
Gallery Felted Tote – Gwen Bortner – Good idea for using leftover yarn.
Summer Night Sleeveless Sweater – Marilyn Coleman – Interesting use of acrylic yarn
Against the Sky Ribbon Tank/Scarf – Vladimir Teriokhin – Not my favorite, but not bad
Cafe Cardigan – Ann E. Smith – Simple and classic
Faux-Fur Trimmed Barbie Outfit – Barbara Albright – The best use of novelty yarn I’ve seen
Sweet Melancholy Wrap – Laura Bryant – Simple and beautiful use of Prism yarns
Studio Socks – Elizabeth Decker – Many types heels and toes…don’t like the socks
Woven Colors Twin Set – Laura Bryant – I don’t like the sweater, but I love the simple shell
Four Seasons Cable Coat – Kathy Zimmerman – Best use of a Lion Brand yarn I’ve ever seen
Day Dreams Cable Pullover – Kathy Zimmerman – KZ at her very best
View in the Park V-Neck Pullover – Laura Bryant – Simple, beautiful use of color
Barefoot in the Park Boy’s Pullover – Laura Bryant – Perfectly lovely
Open Window Floating Cables – Barbara Venishnick – Another classically beautiful sweater
Island Sheath – Tina Geoffrion – Truly awful dress

Current Knitting
I had a little mishap with my current baby blanket. The join on my needle broke, and I dropped about 50 stitches. Picking up stitches was a pain, but the hardest part was re-constructing one of the bobbles that exploded.

Jon Baby Blanket 05-13-05

Hopefully I’ll make some good progress this weekend.

Readers’ Comments/Questions
Selma asked why I was able to complete my Beaudelaire scarf so quickly while she labored over it?

I forgot to mention that I had thicker yarn, bigger needles and less stitches on my scarf than Selma’s beautiful scarf.

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