Do people ask how to teach a left-handed person how to ride a bicycle, or to juggle or to type on a keyboard?

No…and why not? Because those are all two-handed activities where hand-dominance is irrelevant.

And so is knitting.

Teaching someone to knit the opposite way that patterns and charts and knit instructions are written seems ridiculous to me. I know a leftie that was taught that way, and it pisses her off every time she has to convert a chart, or instructions to knit from left to right instead of right to left, as they’re written.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t advocate teaching left-handed folks to write with their right hand, and I am all for having green craft scissors for the lefties in kindergarten. But those are single handed endeavors that naturally feel easier in your dominant hand.

Knitting on the other hand feels awkward no matter which hand inserts the needle, or wraps the yarn. It requires a lot of practice and repetition before it feels natural.

Weekend Fiber Activity
In addition to working on the baby blanket, and even completing a few rows on the kid alpaca bed spread/coffin cover, I also got a lot of spinning done on the grape merino roving.

Grape Merino 05-15-05

The pile of roving on the floor belies the amount of spinning I have left on this lovely color. I have only about one more spinning weekend before I start on the next color.

Knitting Meet Up
I just found out that I’ll be meeting Selma, the axe murderess (aka Selma from Woodstock) this afternoon for coffee after work.

I just bought three new knitting magazines last evening, so we’ll get to review and make fun of them over coffee. As she mentioned in her e-mail to me, I couldn’t think of a more enjoyable afternoon.

Readers’ Comments/Questions
Lisa notes: “You forgot the most important wearability factor–‘does it make me look like a hot bitch?’ Don’t pretend you don’t ask that question, you hot bitch.”

Unfortunately, I am now reduced to asking, “Does this make me look like a fat bitch?”

In fact, that is the whole reason I don’t want ribbing to be smaller than the body of the sweater. Not only does it make the body of the sweater blister out just at my waistline, but it also hugs below my stomach, making it more noticeable.

Hot bitch indeed…meet Lisa sometime in person if you want to see the epitome of a hot bitch.

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