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Computer Woes

It must be in the air. First Marilyn fries her computer, now mine.

Fried Hard Drive
I don’t think laptops are made to continue running for weeks without turning them off. At least the hard drive on my Dell Latitude didn’t seem to appreciate it. Now I have to FedEx it to my home office for repairs.

Blogging may be sparse between now and when I get it back. Or minimally, pictures will be sparse.

I’m on my second to last ball of Dale Baby Ull for the baby blanket, so there’s light at the end of this knitting tunnel.

Jon Baby Blanket 05-30-05

I’m considering using the last ball of extra yarn to make a seed stitch border on each side (as one reader initially suggested…sorry I forgot who). Or I may just use it to increase the vertical length more.

I don’t have to decide that yet.

Knitting Meet Up
Meeting up with Selma is always refreshing.

She’s one of those spectacularly wonderful folks, who doesn’t think she’s anything special. Or maybe she does, but just doesn’t let her specialness give her permission to be arrogant. If you ever saw Olympia Dukakis in “Tales Of The City”, Selma has that wonderful easygoing feel of Anna Madrigal.

It was a pleasure having a decaf latte (I’ve stopped drinking daily caffeinated lattes) and reviewing the three magazines below.

I had to go into a chain bookstore to get a departing coworker a CD (“100 Years” by Five For Fighting, if you must know), and I also picked up these:

Knitting Magazines 01-26-05

If I can get access to a computer that will allow me to publish a blog, I’ll review each magazine over the course of the week.

Readers’ Comments/Questions
Just wanted to note, I love the tip sharing in the comments. I was lucky enough to have an incredible knitter look at my first pair of knitted underwear years ago, and he told me that I had taught myself to wrap the wrong way on my purl stitches, and so I was twisting my stitches.

He was a very strong proponent of knitting, so he didn’t say I was doing it wrong, he just said that it gave me a different fabric than perhaps I had intended.

Having that kind of valuable, supportive source of knowledge from my readers, and for my readers is a great thing.

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