Vanity Plates

I have trouble understanding why someone would want something on their car that is so…well, vain.

Stupid License Plates
There have been some vanity plates that I thought might possibly be worth the price, but even they weren’t memorable enough for me to remember what they were.

Why do folks pay for the privilege of having “MY PT CRUZR” on their license plate. We assume it’s their PT Cruiser (stupid looking car, in my opinion), else why would they be driving it? I mean at least be clever if you’re going to have your license plate describe your car. I heard someone with a license plate that said “DIV BY 0”.

Can you guess what kind of car they owned?

Yes, it was an Infinity. At least that was clever, if you consider math to be clever.

I could also understand if your license plate said something edgy, like “BIG FAG”, or “GOD JR”

Here’s a whole list of supposed vanity plates. My favorite being what the web site author describes as the perfect vanity plate…”ILOVEME”.

Now I wonder if this one has any gay connotations???

Knit ‘N Style 2005 – Review

Knit 'n Style August 2005

Overall, there are 29 designs in this issue for US$5.99. There is an inane article by Lily Chin about a woman in Italy that knits intarsia sweaters that are based on famous masterpieces…just plain ugly. There’s another article on Artful Zippers and Craft Installation that has 23 pictures. Only 2 of the pictures actually show how to install a zipper. Here are my thoughts on the designs.

Lacy Tee – Edi Eckman – Other than the fact that the picture of the model shows breasts, it’s not bad
Knit Ribbon Tee – Melissa Leapman – Simple and unextraordinary
Crocheted Ribbon Tee – Melissa Leapman – Much worse than the knit version
Feminine Charm – Unattributed – Charming only to a Wookie…stupid and ugly
Drop Stitch Shell – Unattribued – Completely forgettable
Striped Poncho – Unattributed – Bad shaping, bad design, bad idea
Entrelac Shell – Unattributed – Bulky cotton/acrylic entrelac top…can you picture it?
Casual Tunic – Unattribued – Ghastly use of very loose gauge stockinette and novelty yarn
Open-Stitch Pullover – Unattributed – Not bad for sparkly nylon yarn that is fuzzy like mohair…for a summer garment?
Alpaca Coat with Cable – Nicky Epstein – The ugliest garment in the issue
Kimono Cardigan – Unattributed – Looks great in the picture…but it’s made with Lion Brand Homespun…won’t look great for long
Lacy Aran Pullover – Helene Rush – Nicest garment in the magazine – it looks very out of place
Laurel Top – Chris Carroll – Simple and not bad
Summer Shells – Jackie Callery – Simple and not bad
Lacy Shell – Valentina Devine – Bad color, bad shaping
Shawl and Ribbed Shell (cover) – Unattributed – Both garments are just awful
Sari Poncho – Unattributed – You have to check out this magazine just to see the graphic for this design (Selma and I were howling with laughter)
Melissa Top – Unattributed – Unattractive as well
Ruffled Pullover – Melissa Leapman – Why is there a solid merino fabric pullover in a Summer magazine?
Cap Sleeve Raglan – Gayle Bunn – Simple and quite nice with interesting design
Steeplechase Vest – Linda Walsh – This one would make Mari Lynn Patrick proud…hideous
Bateau Tank – South West Trading – A perfectly nice tank top ruined by adding fur trim
Blue Ocean Halter Top – Unattributed – Perfect for the trailer trash crowd
Aerie Delight – Unattributed – Fuzzy, nylon, cowl-neck, sleeveless…I’m overwhelmed with contradictions
Garden Party – Wool in the Woods – Looks like a 13 year old’s first design attempt
Off-shoulder Tee – Yarn Heaven – I can’t imagine what they were thinking
Party Capes – Skacel – Combining garish colors and thick fur-like fabric is NEVER pretty
Crochet Bags – Lion Brand – Worthy of Workbasket
A Star is Born – Mary Bonnette and Jo Lynne Murchland – Beautiful, fun colored child’s hooded cardigan

Current Knitting
I am on my last pattern repeat for the yellow baby blanket.

If I’m comfortable with the overall length, I will add a border on each side of a few rows of seed stitch. If I’m not, I will use the last ball to add one more pattern repeat.

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