Support Our Troops

With all the fallen war veterans, I hope you do something today to remember them and
understand the contribution they made to your lives.

No doubt, the greatest gift of veterans, are the freedoms that we are allowed as U.S. citizens.

One of those is the right to protest unfair trade practices.

Blog reader Frank, sent me this link to one of his blog entries, describing a cool on-line tool put out by by microRevolt, in support of their protests against sweatshop labor.

Check it out, and check out microRevolt while you’re at it.

Thanks Frank.

First of all, I promised a picture of the new color I’m spinning in the merino. I’m calling it cherry.

Cherry Merino 05-30-05

I needed a bright, lively color after all the deep purples and greens. This is the brightest of all the merinos I’ll be spinning.

Also, this weekend, I decided to put some of my fiber preparation training to work. I had this bag of lovely mohair locks from an Angora Goat named Fred.

Angora Locks

After some carding, I got this box full of puffy roving.

Angora Top

Eventually, I will spin it into a single and then probably ply it with something else. I’m not overly fond of knitting with mohair, so using it as a binding thread on some other fiber seems to be the best use for it.

I finished the baby blanket, wove in all the ends, and washed and blocked it.

Jon Baby Blanket 05-30-05

The blanket is a nice large size, and it’s light as a feather. I love the way it turned out, and I will probably make another one of these someday in a DK weight to see if I like it in a heavier weight as well.

Next Project
First, I’ll say, I am totally uninspired with all possible knitting projects.

I was thinking I might make another couple of pairs of felted clog slippers. Thaddeus’ pair looks like hell, and mine are getting more and more worn, but still yet comfortable and warm.

Then, I considered putting all that lovely Manos to good use, in an afghan like the one I made my mother, except this one for Thaddeus and I.

Other possibilities are a man’s sweater in either:

1. A wool hemp blend of blue and naturals that I got at Rhinebeck last year
2. Dark gray Cashmereno that I got at Webs over Christmas
3. Black Royal Tweed that I got when Simply Knit went out of business
4. Burnt Orange Royal Tweed that I got at the same time.

Of course I could make more novelty scarves in case I have another craft show, or I could work on the kid alpaca blanket/grave cover. But the blanket/grave cover takes hours to show any progress, so it’s not very appropriate for knit-blogging.

Computer Woes
The computer is back up and running fine. They even recovered all my documents (including all blog pictures, etc.).

I’d like to say that I didn’t get the computer until today, but I’d be lying. I’ve had it since Thursday night, but I’ve just been too damn busy relaxing in the sun to write a blog.

Thanks to all who kept the blog interesting in comments while I was slacking. And thanks to the latest cat toy, Ernestine. I couldn’t have made up more interesting fodder for comments if I had tried, although I would have picked a less ridiculous nom de plume.

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