Bad Uses For Knitting

I’m sure you could name quite a few ways that knitting shouldn’t be used. I choose the handknitted skirt.

Knitting Skirts
Someone on the KnitList mentioned that they were searching for the perfect pattern for a handknit skirt.

She found this one, but didn’t know how to order it in Japanese.

Japanese Skirt

Is the model using suspenders to keep this heavy piece of clothing from falling to her ankles? Never mind that it would require a lining or a slip to wear this.

Please, people. Leave the skirt knitting to the machines.

New Project
Well, first of all, the wool hemp yarn isn’t really blue. It’s mostly gray with pale yellow and natural highlights. Sorry Barb, my color memory sucks sometimes, and I thought it was blue.

I decided to swatch up the yarn to see how it knitted up. I was planning on doing a 5X1 broken rib for the body of the sweater, but when I did a swatch of it, I wasn’t pleased with how the pooling and striping of the yarn was working out.

I thought perhaps I should do a slip-stitch pattern, but didn’t know which one, so I did a swatch with two slip stitch patterns, stockinette stitch and a 6×2 broken rib.

Wool Hemp Swatch 2

While I preferred one of the two slip stitches, Thaddeus liked the broken rib, so I’ve decided to make a pullover using the 6X2 broken rib. For some reason, this one didn’t seem to flash so badly.

Readers’ Comments/Questions
Marilyn asks why I spin onto my bobbins so unevenly.

She is right, in that my method of loading singles onto the bobbin makes it more difficult to ply directly off the bobbin. But, my method of spinning makes it easier to just keep spinning as long as I can without stopping, so I don’t change the hooks very often.

If I wasn’t expecting a new spinning wheel within the year, I’d consider buying a Woolee Winder for my wheel. That way, I wouldn’t have to stop spinning at all to change hooks.

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