First Annual Fresh Air Fiber Fund

Yes, Franklin has been able to clear his schedule to come out and join in the festivities at Rhinebeck!

Contribution Request
That’s IF we can pull together enough funds to fly him out here and house him for a night or two.

I’m going to have a contest with prizes. Anyone that contributes $5 or more to the Fresh Air Group for Franklin (FAG for Franklin) will be eligible to win one of the prizes (any multiples of $5 enters you that many times in the contest).

Since I’m not home, I can’t pick out and post pictures of prizes. I know one of the prizes will be the book “Knitting Across America” since I have two copies of that book. And I promise, I won’t be putting up any pre-stretched sweaters as a prize.

Contributions can be made via PayPal, using the button below:

Depending on which airport we fly him out of and into, and miscellaneous travel expenses, we should be easily able to get Franklin to Rhinebeck for under US$500.

I’d also like to make this an annual event, where we pick some deserving soul for completely discretionary reasons, and help them get to Rhinebeck. This could be you next year.

Gay Military Marriage
It seems like a dream, but reader Cluny sent the following link:

Even with the colder weather, Canada is starting to look better and better.

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