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Down To The Finish Line

With contributions totaling $430 , we are almost at our goal for the Fresh Air Group for Franklin.

Contest End
As soon as we’ve hit the $500 goal, or if it appears all contributions have stopped by this Friday, I will put all the contributors names in a basket (your name will be entered for each $5 contribution, so if you contributed $15, you would have three entries).

Thank you all again for your generosity, and if you haven’t contributed yet, please feel free to participate. Just remember, deduct $4 from the amount you want to contribute. Lovely PayPal will add the $4 in as Shipping and Handling.

Current Knitting
I’ve been able to complete the front/right half of the neck shaping on the wool/hemp pullover.

Wool Hemp Pullover 06-20-05

I just have to finish the shoulder shaping on the right side and then finish up the front, back and sleeves, and I’ve got a completed sweater.

Readers’ Comments/Questions
Barb B. asks where I got the yarn for the wool/hemp sweater.

Kathy correctly posits that it’s D-Zined yarn. I bought the yarn at either Maryland Sheep & Wool or at Rhinebeck last year. I don’t remember.

After noticing the same color differentiation in the picture, I looked at the actual sweater, and there is a color change with the change in hanks of yarn. It’s much more subtle than the picture would indicate, but it is there. I actually kind of like it.

I’m on the third hank of yarn now, and this one is also a slightly different color. Ideally, I should have alternated rows with each hank, but I couldn’t be bothered.

Michelene asks if I have any pink Chibis to give away as a prize.

For those unaware, a Chibi is about a 3 inch, suppository shaped, plastic container for holding basting needles. Some clever soul (I think on Knitflame), decided to sell one on eBay, claiming it was rare (it isn’t…you can still buy them for peanuts), and marketed it on the KnitList. I don’t know how much it sold for, but I wouldn’t part with my Chibi for anything.

Pink Chibi

Marilyn asks if she can nominate Loopy for next year’s Fresh Air Group.

I personally think this would be an ideal choice. I will definitely need to come up with some way of establishing who the benefactor of this annual prize will be. Perhaps I can just do it the way I did it this year. Take Selma’s suggestion and run with it.

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