Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)

Defined as:

“Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) is an anxiety disorder. OCD is manifested in a variety of forms, but is most commonly characterized by a subject’s obsessive drive to perform a particular task or set of tasks, compulsions commonly termed rituals.”

Personal Revelation
I always thought of “Rainman” symptoms whenever I heard folks describe OCD rituals.

Until a friend suggested I might actually be exhibiting OCD symptoms myself.

Some of you may remember item #90 from my 100 Things About Me list that I have practiced reducing large numbers to their numerological equivalent (continuing to add all digits of a number until it is reduced to a single digit…example, 69,170,345 would be an “8”). Well, I actually take that further by trying to notice as many numerological “7’s” in my life as possible.

Examples include setting my alarm for 5:29 instead of 5:30, or establishing inventory numbers on databases that all add up to 7.

Fortunately, I haven’t taken this to the level of feeling anxious if numbers don’t add up to seven, but it still made me realize that I do things based on irrational ideas.

Fresh Air Group
First of all an update. We’re still getting some last minute contributions to send Franklin to Rhinebeck in October. We’re up to $450. It looks like contributions have dwindled, and we may not reach the goal of $500…but that is okay. We will still be able to get Franklin here.

You folks are amazing. Thank you.

There is still time to enter into the contest by contributing a minimum of $5 (remember to deduct $4 from your contribution amount since Paypal will add $4 shipping and handling).

Does anyone have any ideas how we could go about fairly picking future recipients of this award?

Current Knitting
I made a lot of progress on my current sweater.

Wool Hemp Pullover 06-21-05

Those are not knitted breasts, nor are they knitted kidneys (thank you Ms. Liza). I’ve finished the front and now I’ve made it just past the arm hole shaping on the back.

Readers’ Comments/Questions
Just thanks again to Kim Z. I didn’t know the full story of the Chibi’s, nor did I know that the pink ones were so desirable. Kim is always a wealth of information, as his her extensive yarn database at WiseNeedle.com.

Also, received notification that this week’s web special at Rosie’s Yarn Cellar in Philadelphia is a 20% sale on Mano (both solids and multis). This stuff doesn’t go on sale often, so if you want it discounted, you’d need to move fast (I only tell you this, because I already ordered mine.).

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