Happy Holiday

For those in the U.S., happy Independence Day and I hope our Canadian neighbours (did I spell that correctly?) had a lovely Canada Day.

Based on the patriots that helped establish this country 229 years ago, I feel that protestation and rebellion are important aspects to freedom and democracy. I am truly grateful for having been raised in a country where I am free to express my opinions, albeit lately under the threat of the dreaded Patriot Act.

There has to be a list of the crazy misnomers this administration has come up with to mislead or lie to the public:

War on Terrorism – Attacking an old enemy the president’s dad
No Child Left Behind – Education to those who can afford it
Faith-Based Initiatives – Christian-only requests for money
Clear Skies Initiative – Allowing industry friends to put more pollution in the skies
Healthy Forests – Clearance to butcher our forests

I’m sure there are dozens more. Are there folks that are actually fooled by these idiotic descriptions? Hopefully the true patriots will stand up and vote next year to replace a hateful and hurtful Congress with folks that will vote on the public’s behalf.

Current Knitting
With holiday parties and getting to spend time with Thaddeus for four days, I didn’t do a lot of knitting. I’ll provide an update of my pathetic progress in my next blog entry.

Other Fiber Activity
From the picture above, you can probably see that I spent most of my fiber-related time on spinning this weekend. As you can see, I finished the Cherry Merino and then wound it into these.

Cherry Merino 07-04-05

Now I’ve got 10 toilet paper tubes with five different colored merino singles wound onto them. I also started the deep blue merino. It’s spinning up beautifully so far.

After the blue, I only have two more colors left. Two gorgeous greens.

Other Non-Fiber Activity
The bulk of my spare time was trying to finish this.

The Kite Runner

The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini is a wonderful story that taps into the shame of “original sin” that we can all relate to in some way. I was most impressed with how he weaves his story. While I don’t think his writing is as good as Yann Martel’s in Life of Pi, the story makes up for the lack of genius in writing. He uses a technique of warning the reader of upcoming events by writing things like, “This was the last I would hear his voice for two years.”, or “…but, that wasn’t to be.” I could have done without these little asides to the reader. Other than that, I thought this was a wonderful read.

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