Albany Drive 3

Rest Stop Driving

Why is it that when two people get married or partnered for life, that one of them needs to stop and pee at every rest stop, and the other has a bladder as large as a Hefty bag?

Long Drives
I’ve finally gotten over my annoyance, but it used to be, that when I started driving, I didn’t want to stop until we had arrived at our destination. Even if that meant 8 hours of straight driving.

And Thaddeus would want to stop at every possible rest stop.

Now that I’ve reconciled myself to the fact that we will be stopping regularly along any trip of 2 hours or greater, I find driving to be much more relaxing.

However, when I’m driving by myself (as in my weekly trip to and from Albany), all bets are off, and I wouldn’t even consider stopping.

Current Knitting
I should be shame-faced as I show the progress picture of the Wool/Hemp Pullover, but I do have an excuse (or two or three) for the lack of progress.

Wool Hemp Pullover 07-10-05

This picture shows that I’ve finished the first sleeve. But I did do a lot of swatching and testing for my new design.

New Designs
I think the new woman’s sweater will be a successful design. I’m using some old cone yarn I’ve had around for years, so I’ll have to find a suitable commercial yarn to use instead (otherwise, it won’t be a very useful design).

I also tried to start a very manly project to submit next month to the magazine issue, but that was a dismal failure. I may try something else, but I’m not sure I can get it done in time for the August 15th deadline.

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