If elected, I will work tirelessly for any pro-education reforms.

Massive Agreement
I personally think that expanding education is the solution to many of our ills, including poverty, unemployment, national debt, crime, bigotry and this list could go on and on.

I have a good friend who is ultra-conservative, and I think this is the only issue on which we both agree wholeheartedly.

I pay a lot of local and real-estate taxes in my community, and most of it goes toward the local school system. With no children of my own participating in those schools, some might think I’d be bitter about paying for services I don’t get to use, but it’s quite the opposite. I’m thrilled that my school system is as good as it is, and not just from a philanthropic standpoint. I truly believe that better education leads to a better community. One that demonstrates value for their youth. This in turn leads to less crime, higher housing values and stronger community standards and eventually, a more qualified workforce.

Expanding education on a national standard (and not with ill-funded piece-of-shit-legislation like “No Child Left Behind”), I believe is the only solution that will start to bring us back to the nation that we should be.

Current Knitting
I have scarcely begun the second sleeve. And when I say scarcely, I mean, I haven’t even finished picking up all the stitches around the arm hole opening.

Mainly, the reason that I got so little knitting done over this past weekend, is that I focused a lot of my time on the blue merino.

Blue Merino 07-10-05

If I do as much spinning in the upcoming week as I did this past weekend, I will have completed this color in record time. I’m not making any promises.

Readers’ Comments/Questions
Thanks to Liza’s assertion that a person’s toilet paper practices say a lot about them, I’ve put together this little survey. After it’s completed, we’ll try to come up with a psychological assessment of each type person.

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