Reduced to Toilet Topics

It’s so sad when I have to resort to discussing toilet issues on the blog, but times are hard.

Survey Profiles
Here is the psychological profile for each answer in the survey. Please note, that there is absolutely no possibility of error in this evaluation, so if you say to yourself, “This doesn’t apply to me.”, you are also plagued with denial.

I use a lot and wad it – Careless and carefree, you can often be seen by others as sloppy, slovenly and dirty. You are highly creative and can see the beauty in paint splotches on an old drop cloth, but you would never have the gumption to be paid millions for such “artwork”. Your psychological makeup is very Bohemian, but you have to take great care not to be confused with someone from the slums of Calcutta.

I use a lot and fold it – Known in TP circles as “the Wasteful Obsessive”, your personality is one of inexplicably large dichotomies. Your fear of letting a loose end of toilet paper dip into the used water of the toilet bowl is an issue you should clearly discuss with a professional. Your ability to be decisive and steadfast in your actions can be useful in careers like Air Traffic Controller and Yarn Store Owner, but detracts from your ability to adapt to idiosyncrasies of a mate or partner, leaving most of you lonely and bitter. Fortunately, your literal interpretation of anal-retentive means that you don’t have as much opportunity as others to use toilet paper.

I use a little and wad it – You are clearly one with many grand ideas with no motivation or ability to execute them. Your level of frustration with your impotence in accomplishing anything grows worse with age, often to the point of having to develop dementia as a safety mechanism. Pitiable, the mini-wadder adds very little to society except to make others feel better about themselves. This group of individuals, longs for the days of Depends and forgetfulness, and hopes desperately that reincarnation is true and will give them another chance. With their luck, it isn’t true.

I use a little and fold it – Your concern and passion for all things just and right has kept you in good stead throughout your incredible life. Your attunement to nature rivals that of St. Francis of Assisi and it isn’t surprising to you when animals have no fear of you and birds spontaneously alight on your shoulder. Being pure of spirit, you have boundless compassion for your fellow humans and are revered by all with whom you come in contact. When you combine your extraordinary spirituality and emotional stability with your massive intelligence, there is nothing you can’t accomplish. Unbelievably, you also have the greatest humility, and are even embarrassed by this clearly accurate assessment of your character traits.

Current Knitting
I was able to finish the sleeve cap shaping (again, using short rows), and now the last sleeve will move along pretty quickly. I’m hopeful that I’ll finish this sweater sometime this weekend.

Although I may have to re-do the neck, which may take me longer than the weekend.

Readers’ Comments/Questions
Liza (who provided the original impetus for the TP poll) asks: “Is Joe a wadder or a folder?”

I think I’ll let the readers guess.

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