Color Overload

Sometimes I dream of living in a Kaffe-like world, but I don’t know if I could handle it.

Fabric Heaven
As Liza teased in comments, she let me come to her house to go fabric shopping yesterday, and it was overwhelming and fun.

A number of months ago, we had a knit-together at her house and saw some amazing quilts, and it got me thinking that I’d like to retry my hand at quilting.

I browsed through Glorious Patchwork (Kaffe and Liza’s first quilt book) and decided I’d like to do something like the Zinnia 2X2 quilt, if you have the book.

I went to Liza’s web site and did mini-captures of 14 of her fabrics, mostly as a random exercise in joining colors. Here’s what I came up with.


While I recognize, there is little concern with composition and overall color design, I really loved how much of the work is done by the fabrics.

Liza recognized immediately that the simple “Snowball” design in quilting would be a perfect way of putting together these wonderful fabrics. Here’s an example of a quilt using the Snowball design.

Snowball Quilt Example

Now, if you can picture that design with these colors (the outer solids will make up the diamond shapes in between the “snowballs”).

Snowball Quilt Fabric

Now I just have to buy a sewing machine and some basic quilting equipment. I can’t wait to start.

Kaffe and Liza’s New Book
I’ll only say one thing until the book is published, but having the good fortune of seeing the preview copy of this book, you should pre-order your copy now. It is truly amazing.

Current Knitting
Continued making some progress on the Wool/Hemp pullover and now there’s only a little left on the last sleeve.

Wool Hemp Pullover 07-21-05

With the excitement of the fabric, and the way my new secret design is coming along, I will be thrilled when the Wool/hemp pullover is completed.

Readers’ Comments/Questions
Amy P. says, “I’m assuming that you know “Orchid” is ancient Greek for “boy’s scrotum”. (seriously)”

Actually, I had no idea, but it shows how those Greeks really loved their boys.

Lori asks, “Do you really feel that the public transport in SF is very good?”

I’ve only been out there visiting and I love the BART system. It seemed to take me to a lot of places I needed to go. It’s not like New York or D.C., but I thought it was good, yes.

Thanks Nana Peter for identifying the orchid. Now that I know orchid is ancient Greek for “boy’s scrotum” and its real name is Phalaenopsis, I can feel comfortable continuing to call him Phil.

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