Vacation and Space Quilting

I’m scheduled to start vacation next week, for about 10 days and on another completely unrelated topic, I bet NASA wishes they had my Olfa Rotary Cutter on board right now.

Guest Blogger
I’ve decided to try something very different this vacation. Instead of letting the blog lie idle for 10 days, I’ve asked Carol S. to be a guest blogger during that time.

Carol is a wonderfully clever person, and it shows through in her writing, but she’s also very self-deprecating, so I’m sure she’ll deny her cleverness.

I’m giving her free rein to discuss anything she wants, and I’ll be interested to see what direction she’ll take.

Quilting in Space
Space Shuttle crew need to remove or cut off some hanging cloth that is used as buffer between the heat tiles on the underside of the shuttle.

It’s lightweight and could shear off that cloth in seconds, but did they consider including an Olfa Rotary cutter in their tool box?

Olfa Rotary Cutter

I don’t think so.

Speaking of Quilting
In addition to putting my rotary cutter to good use this past weekend, I also began laying out and sewing together some of the pieces.

I first laid out the fabric in the approximate design I wanted to have for my first “nine-block” section.

Quilt Design

Then I tried my hand at machine sewing for the first time in years, an ended up creating my first two nine-blocks.

Quilt 07-31-05

Overall, I’m extremely pleased with the colors. It’s brighter and more vibrant than I planned, but it’s also even better looking than I’d hoped.

I messed up the alignment on the blocks on the left, so I’ll have to re-do them, but that shouldn’t be too difficult.

Readers’ Comments/Questions
Kathy asks, “That offwhite hemp sweater you can’t find? Did you look among the tea towels or the dishclothes?”

Actually, I did end up finding that rag of a sweater, but only after I had begun the Manos throw. And after working with Manos for 10 minutes, I couldn’t possibly go back to a relatively coarse wool and hemp sweater.

Oh wait…was that more of Kathy’s fawning? Don’t make me demote you to Junior Minion.

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