If you categorize the world into those that read directions and those that don’t, I would definitely fall into the latter category.

First of all, if you’ve never made one of the Manos throws, you should. The materials are expensive, but the result is stunning in color and texture and warmth and drape, etc.

If you have made one, the direction have you make either blocks or strips and then sew them together. The “Vineyard Throw”, which I’m making, is done in three strips that get sewn together afterwards.

Given that I prefer not to sew, I’m knitting all three strips together.

Vineyard Throw 08-05-05

So far, I have messed up the instructions more times than I would care to admit, but I’m now making progress and the hardest part is keeping track of four pattern stitches at once.

Knitting On Vacation
Since I am heading to Martha’s Vineyard for vacation, I will be bring the Vineyard Throw with me as my sole project.

Here’s exactly where I’ll be staying in case anyone wants to drop by and say hello.

Marthas Vineyard

Vacations don’t usually provide a lot of time to knit, but I’ll still want a project to work on for the relaxed times.

I did finished the process of re-cutting the smaller squares to the correct size.

Quilt Little Squares

I also went through my fabric stash (yes, I have a small one of those too) and found a couple of appropriate fabrics to add to the mix of glorious color fabrics. My two additions are at the top of each stack.

Quilt New Fabric

I’ll get back to the quilt in earnest once I’m home from vacation.

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